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Use of Philica: what are users allowed to do?

  • Users may: search, retrieve, save, download and print out copies of articles or other items from Philica. They are free to use these for research, presentation purposes, or teaching or any other purpose under the terms of this Creative Commons License. The full Philica citation must be provided whenever work from Philica is referenced.
  • Once you have downloaded or printed work from Philica, you can share it with your colleagues or students. However, there is no need to distribute Articles or Observations directly, as each Philica Observation and Article has a unique Philica number to identify it. It’s much simpler to pass on the Philica reference. It saves time, photocopying and trees. Moreover, reading Philica entries online ensures that the latest reviews are visible.
  • Registered users can comment and join in with the peer review process.

Use of Philica: what are you not allowed to do?

  • By using this site you agree not to take other people’s work or ideas from Philica and publish them or otherwise treat them as your own. You are not allowed to interfere with Philica by hacking or otherwise trying to disrupt the running of the site. Philica reserve the right to record any incidences of such impropriety, inform your institutions and/or law enforcement bodies of your actions, and remove and block your username and membership if you are found to be involved in such practices. The administrators of Philica reserve the right to alter material not in line with the publication terms and conditions as outlined here and elsewhere on the site and to delete your entries and/or account if you breach these terms.

Submitting to Philica

  • You are free to submit work to Philica once you have opened an account. Details on how to do this will be clear from the registration page.
  • By submitting work for publication on Philica you certify that the intellectual property in the submission belongs to you and any co-authors who are named on the submission. You also certify that all co-authors have agreed to your publishing on Philica under the Terms and Conditions described here and that the work is not libelous or defamatory. Moreover, you agree that work involving human participants will not identify or reasonably facilitate the identification of the participants without their express permission.
  • Your submission should be formatted according to our simple style guide.
  • The submission, or anything reasonably similar, must not previously have been published elsewhere.
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    1. you grant anybody using Philica the right to read, download, print and/or distribute your work under the terms of this Creative Commons License, which protects your rights as the author(s) whilst allowing other people fair use of the work — Philica will display a link to this license whenever your work is displayed. It is useful to note that this license is non-exclusive, so even though your work is covered by the license for the general public, you are welcome to negotiate separate licenses with specific people or bodies for particular uses of your work;
    2. you provide the appropriate citation for the original Philica publication in a clear form whenever the work is reproduced;
    3. you grant Philica first publication rights and the right to display the article in perpetuity.

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