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The Philica style guide

Philica is a place for the free and easy exchange of ideas, and so the following guide is kept as simple and flexible as it can be, subject to keeping this journal tidy, professional and useable. By following these few guidelines when submitting Articles and Observations, you can ensure that other people will be able to read your work with ease.

NB a small reference guide will be displayed in the margin whenever you enter an Article.

Article layout

Articles should have no more than three levels of headings. Top-level headings (e.g., “introduction”, “methods”, “conclusions”) should be in bold type and centred on their own line. Second-level heading should also be on their own line, bold and left-aligned. Third-level headings should be on the same line as the next paragraph, italic and followed by a full-stop (period). For example:

Heading 1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque sed sapien. Curabitur pretium hendrerit risus. Duis tempor rhoncus urna. Aliquam elementum ipsum et purus. Nam ornare nonummy magna. Quisque odio nibh, hendrerit congue, fringilla in, pharetra vel, purus. Sed posuere urna ut urna. In fermentum volutpat mauris. Maecenas convallis viverra.

Heading 2

Aliquam erat volutpat. Duis facilisis est nec mi. Phasellus feugiat sapien eu tellus. Fusce faucibus, nisl eget viverra cursus, massa quam consequat lectus, quis volutpat erat leo in tortor. Aliquam non turpis vitae eros gravida egestas. Maecenas rhoncus magna sed nibh feugiat hendrerit. Aliquam in mauris. Sed ipsum lacus, facilisis.

Heading 3. Fusce condimentum ligula ut odio. Mauris velit odio, ultricies id, malesuada eget, elementum ut, felis. Ut consectetuer. Sed nec magna. Fusce mattis. Mauris est. Cras imperdiet massa a mi. Maecenas mauris justo, hendrerit nec, fermentum imperdiet, porttitor vitae, elit. Curabitur augue nisi, consectetuer vel, consequat a, dictum eget, tortor. Vestibulum.

Images should be 500 pixels wide or fewer. They should be positioned alone in the centre of the page. Figure captions must be used and should be in bold type, centred immediately below the Figure. Leave one blank line above the figure and one below the caption. For more details on preparing images for Philica please see the technical guide.

Tables can be created and edited using the on-line word processor. They should be alone, centred on the page. Table captions should be in bold type, centred above the Table; explanatory notes should be italic and immediately at the bottom of the table. Leave one blank line above the caption and one below the bottom of the table, or below the bottom of the explanatory notes if you have them.

You are free to use either the Harvard system (e.g., “Smith (2000) said…”) or numbered endnotes as you prefer; however please remain consistent within a given submission.

In the Reference section of your Article or Observation, please give journal names in full. Style your citations on the exampes below, noting particularly which letters are capitalized and which are not, and exactly which parts are in italic letters:

  • Journal article: Walton, D. & Bathurst, J. (1998). An exploration of the perceptions of the average driver’s speed compared with perceived driver safety and driving skill. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 30, 821-830.
  • Book: Franklin, J. (1997). Cyclecraft: Skilled Cycling Techniques for Adults. London, UK: The Stationary Office.
  • Chapter in edited book: Walker, I. (2005). Vulnerable road user safety: Social interaction on the road? In L. Dorn (Ed.), Driver Behaviour and Training Volume II. (pp. 261-269). Aldershot, UK: Ashgate.
  • Conference presentation: Stradling, S., Meadows, M. & Beatty, S. (2000). Characteristics of speeding, violating and thrill-seeking drivers. Paper presented at the International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, Bern, Switzerland, September 2000.

Other issues
Please do not use tabs anywhere in your entries — start new paragaphs simply by leaving a blank line.

Tips and tricks
Our rendering software will convert two hyphens right next to each other into a dash: — It is useful to get used to this as it will make your work look smarter! Similarly, our software automatically creates “smart quotes” and curly apostrophes ( ’ ) as each page is displayed, so just use regular quote marks and apostrophes and let us take care of making them look good.

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