lee, d. (2013). Thoughts on matter and entangled pairs. PHILICA.COM Observation number 78.
Thoughts on matter and entangled pairs

donnie leeunconfirmed user (Abilene Christian University)

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Matter, being physical, energy, or dark matter may become entangled by forces unseen. It may then be likely that physical matter or energy may become entangled with particles of dark matter. As we know dark matter reacts with normal matter on a extremely rare basis, simply passing through normally. However that does not mean the two cannot become interlocked. Bound and repulsed simultaneously. I postulate that for every entangled pair of observable particles, a pair of unobservable particles exist. Both pairs be bound to each other, just as particles that have become entangled are bound. Ex. [{@-@}{©-©}]. Let the first bracket represent an entangled pair of normal matter and the second an entangled pair of dark matter particles. Notice that both pair are entangled as well. To further postulate, this pair may also be entangled with similar pairs. This pairing could extend infinitely, making up what we know as the universe. These pairs, always opposite, could make exact opposite dimensions feasible. Of course we could never interact with or even observe these dimensions as they would be always parallel to the observable pair. Large amounts of unaccounted space indicate that dark matter is much more abundant. Perhaps then many particles of dark matter stay bound to a single normal particle. The bound dark matter would have no effect on said particle, always opposing yet never interacting with anything in our dimension. Multiple dimensions could thus exist within a singularity. Imagine if our entire universe is but a mere particle in a higher dimension. Opposite of that, imagine that within every particle in our universe is an entire universe. Its just a matter of scale. This scale is on a infinite magnitude. If x=length y=width z=height ¤=Dark dimension then (X)^¤·(Y)^¤·(Z)^¤ = the universe/infinity?

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Inspired by my knowledge of the universe and deep albeit brief thought.

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Published on Wednesday 11th September, 2013 at 08:37:00.

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lee, d. (2013). Thoughts on matter and entangled pairs. PHILICA.COM Observation number 78.

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