Nicholson, M. (2009). Remote Observing with Global Rent-A-Scope (GRAS). PHILICA.COM Observation number 51.
Remote Observing with Global Rent-A-Scope (GRAS)

Martin Nicholsonconfirmed user (Independent Researcher)

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Remote Astronomical Observing with Global Rent-A-Scope (GRAS)

Scored as excellent.
The quality of the telescopes and their mountings.
The ability to do filtered observation - both narrow and broadband.
Fault and/or problem diagnosis and resolution.
Location of northern hemisphere scopes.
Potential for short term projects and targets of opportunity.

Scored as good
Availability of scopes after midnight.
Location of southern hemisphere scopes.
Ability to book time on telescopes.

Scored as average
Availability of scopes before midnight.

Scored as poor
Wikis and website (over-complex, some pages out of date or misleading, little participation by paying members)

Scored as very poor
Potential for long term projects of over 6 months.

It is a considerable act of faith for the paying customer to assume that the desired telescopic facilities will still be available months or even years after they have signed a contract and made their payment. Equipment failure, “Acts of God” or even a change of policy by the scope owner/operator can stop any project at any stage.

Observation circumstances
Disclaimer - In these days when cynicism is so rife I feel obliged to point out that I have never had any financial inks with Global Rent-A-Scope (GRAS) other than as a paying customer. Any views expressed are my personal views and should not be taken as representing those of Global Rent-A-Scope (GRAS).

Information about this Observation
This Observation has not yet been peer-reviewed

Published on Wednesday 25th February, 2009 at 17:07:22.

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Nicholson, M. (2009). Remote Observing with Global Rent-A-Scope (GRAS). PHILICA.COM Observation number 51.

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