Berman, B. (2017). Wheels Within Wheels. PHILICA.COM Observation number 205.
Wheels Within Wheels

Brad G. Bermanunconfirmed user (Oregon State University)

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Wheels Within Wheels are the infinity of continuously-spinning Planck-sized electromagnetic gyros comprising the quantum foam [*]. Each unique, rapidly spinning quantum “h-gyro” generates a unique valence band (Hamiltonian). These bands are interlaced, resulting in the spacetime plenum. Thus, each individual gyro, no matter when-where, provides a unique valence envelope that encompasses the entire universe. In addition, the total spacetime field comprises a holographic operating system that controls the behaviors of the entire material world in which we dwell.

If you consciously re-direct energy within this system, you are changing its outcomes of behavior; without inputs, outcomes are perfectly determined. Thus, the universe is a complex of predetermined outcome templates that are all dependent upon the behavior of all the others. Small redirections of energy here and there perturb the system in small localities, but on a grander scale, as with planetary and stellar motion, consistent energy inputs continuously modify entire material destinies.

Now the key question is: how do the trillions of the brain’s synapses communicate with this infinity of valence bands?
Synaptic neurotransmitter molecules are comprised of various anions and cations that can be “herded” into groups by quantum foam valence bands, in order to affect the timing outcomes of neural firings. This very activity constitutes a “covalent connection” between the universal valence structure and the timing mechanisms within the brain, timing sequences that ultimately create visual as well as logical transactions we recognize as thoughts. On rare occasions, these interactions can be seen in the Mind’s eye as tiny Wheels Within Wheels.

[*] PHILICA.COM Observation numbers 77, 89, 139, 140, 154, 159, 160, 199.

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Published on Friday 27th October, 2017 at 04:32:20.

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Berman, B. (2017). Wheels Within Wheels. PHILICA.COM Observation number 205.

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