Berman, B. (2017). From Another Perspective. PHILICA.COM Observation number 203.
From Another Perspective

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Hidden deep down within the microstructure of space lies the clockworks of time. And if you strike this “space-time” hard enough, it will expose one of its many temporal surfaces in a fleeting shower of sparks. Yet because we can easily move around inside this invisible plenum, it is difficult for us to admit it has any presence at all (as we routinely sense resistance to our changes in momentum and are always forced to obey its strict physical rules, such as gravity). So there IS definitely something there.

From Another Perspective, perhaps it is this hidden universal background process that is also turning the gears of the brain, giving us the experiences we have in consciousness, with its vast variety of streams of thought. This idea then allows one to conflate the spacetime temporal microstructure with the concept of Mind.

At first, it is difficult to understand that a temporal structure within spacetime could be the producer and director of all actions of the material world as well as the source of our thoughts. But, are not thoughts and the actions of the physical world both enactments of temporal sequences? More importantly, perhaps all possible temporal thought structures have ALWAYS existed, allowing us to temporarily adopt them and experience them as our own.

It is not until we notice we are INSIDE of this Mind structure as well as the Mind structure being within us, that we will see that WE ARE this collective Mind structure. From this novel viewpoint we can then see our place in the world: the Mind is everything, it is everywhere, our physical presences are servants to the Mind, and that our brain is an amazing interface that is allowing our collective Mind to experience itself.

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Published on Tuesday 17th October, 2017 at 06:34:31.

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Berman, B. (2017). From Another Perspective. PHILICA.COM Observation number 203.

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