Berman, B. (2017). Cosmology Prose. PHILICA.COM Observation number 170.
Cosmology Prose

Brad G. Bermanunconfirmed user (Oregon State University)

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There seems to be little difference between
the rising red-blue flames of a campfire and
the colorful fountains of structured energy
that comprise the living things that surround us:
both consist of flames of pure information,
continuously erupting upwards and outwards,
painting pictures from out of
the invisible corridors of spacetime.

Perhaps the potential for everything that can exist
is contained within spacetime’s folds,
each in its time to be holographically illuminated,
enabled by the stars, continuously providing
then recycling the morphologies of our surrounding firma,
a gravitational pointillist dynamic of the entire universe,
variously shining through the pathways of an invisible structure,
thus providing the changes we see in ourselves
and in our surroundings.

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Published on Monday 29th May, 2017 at 13:30:03.

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Berman, B. (2017). Cosmology Prose. PHILICA.COM Observation number 170.

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