Berman, B. (2017). The Essence of Time - 2 -. PHILICA.COM Observation number 166.
The Essence of Time - 2 -

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The process of time can be explained by imagining two very close coaxial fans, one blowing air, and the second one turning synchronously because of the airflow:

· The driving fan represents the face of the impending Future
· The very thin space separating the fans represents the Present inside the atomic structure
· The driven fan represents the Past and the inertias of the material world
· The air being blown by the Future fan represents the flow of time at the speed of light
· The air all around the room and between both fans represents spacetime, which contains a temporal information structure that is flowing from out of the Future fan, through the narrow Present, into the Past fan, thus controlling all impending events
· The dragging force between the driving and driven fan blades (within the narrow Present) is felt in our world as gravity
· The inertia of the Past fan also serves as the memory of the universe, into which changes are being thrust by the Future fan
· The blades of the Future fan represent the energetic quantum probability foam that is dispensing new information into the narrow interstitial space representing the Present
· Observers riding upon both fan blades only see motion or change when one of the fans either slows or speeds up. This can be observed in our world as a magnetic field arising from a moving electron
· Modulations of the timing between blades results in what we know as “changes of momentum” as well as electromagnetic waves in our world, here in the Past
· It is the synchronization of the infinity of all the pairs of fans throughout the universe that is continuously displaying our world over all other possible worlds

Future fans exist in every possible singularity of the universe. Past fans can be seen in all the atomic faces of our material world, while the coupling of the Present is too thin to be directly observed except as gravity and electromagnetism.

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Published on Tuesday 25th April, 2017 at 13:41:44.

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