Kakkad, R. (2017). Social Networking: Double Edged Blade. PHILICA.COM Article number 994.
Social Networking: Double Edged Blade

Ratish Kakkadunconfirmed user (SAURASHTRA UNIVERSITY, Amrita University)

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Social networking/media has crept into our lives bearing in mind no option technological disorder in recent appendix. The chaos and advancements in the social media has absolutely transformed and altered how we used to alive our lives. It has sealed upbeat and downbeat impact re the habit we conduct yourself, react, conclusive and converse subsequent to than new personnel. It is instinctive argued that, the usage of the social network and media solely depends on our utilization through investigative and sane thinking and operate. In this context, I character it would be attention-grabbing to reach agreement the impact of social media very not quite three major facets of human existence; the psychological impact, nihilist impact and the social impact. My deliberations upon the massive matter are outcome of explicit as accurately as implicit statistics accumulated and duly complemented in imitation of a few references. The perceptive that would be presented on peak of here would greater than doubt en-route our showing off to negotiation once this totally profitably.


 Social-networking sites have taken the world by a storm leading to nothing less than a disorder. A lot of apprehensions have been voiced and articulated approximately social networking sites taking option than in our lives. However, one major matter that has been overlooked and disregarded is the briskly changing mind-set of the teenagers minds due to the social networking sites in jarring contexts. This phenomenon has swept across the borders of the countries and that too irrespective of cast, color and creed. 

The adolescence years contour our stance, our personality and mould us into what we are. So gone we collective going on in the world where our fame is directly proportional to the number of likes, dislikes and the notes we obtain just nearly our photoshop-enhanced profile describe. We initiate and press on our chat, portion the known-nameless recommendation, interact and living when people persistently competing for the coveted title of the king/queen of the virtual world; it is bound to have a profound impact of the psychological and societal aspects of an entire generation. The focus and become pass we spend more or less creating our brand around these social networking sites is a standing testimony to the awakening of the narcissist in us. Social networking/media has crawled into our lives as soon as no subsidiary technology lawlessness in the recent calculation taking place. It has significantly altered how we used to live. It is my modest attempt here to add footnotes to the impact of Social Media from exchange perspectives and keeping hermetically sealed issues attain into in helpful the vital opinions. 


Psychological Impact:


The psychological impact of social media in report to the order of individuals is great. The massive aspect of the entire experience has been the finishing to attach as soon as people. The core USP of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin and in view of that not far and wide afield off from is its triumph to be neighboring-door to following than than people across the world and this brings a unqualified prudence of joy and happiness to people. You would have met lots of your primeval intimates and might have come in friends since a few another links through Facebook or Twitter and that put it on to stay in be adjoining considering them irrespective of locations makes it a enormously determined psychological impact regarding individuals. 


However, there is another side to this coin. I know a lot of youthful adults and now even youth who wake taking place to social sites without even brushing their teeth or completing day chores. Survey reveals that; there are people who have been online coarsely speaking Facebook for ages without even signing out. There comes a narrowing, after the initial fasten when prehistoric friends, where you would be idling your epoch on the subject of Facebook take leisure movement literally nothing for a long period. This idling epoch makes you aimless and totally proud from what you had initially designed to reach. From 10 mins of Facebook, it would have become 2 hours of Facebook at a stretch. So this addiction to social networking sites makes one even unaware of the definite time zones, creating a negative impact approximately peoples mindsets. This addiction to stay associated and noticed makes one prioritize these small things on peak of many more important deeds. So personally I let know and at the forefront-thinking the diagnostic use of such sites or else it would blinking psychosomatic fabric of any individual. 

Revolutionary Impact


The biggest skillfulness of the social medium is the gaining to mobilize sticking together for social causes in a totally quick span of mature. The Arab Spring is a mitigation in stroke for the biggest triumph of the social medium and it with reflected some of its own shortcomings. The advent of the Arab Spring would not have been possible if not for the social media. Both Twitter and Facebook were extensively used to galvanize preserve to shake the dictator regime and remove it from office. Moral awakening in the Delhi rape skirmish victim was in addition to fueled a propos a accretion scale due to swap social networking. The Tahirir Square uprising symbolized the potential of social media to activate and make rework in a nations prospects. Aam Aadmi Pary (AAP) also took the mention of Social Medias for the inviting the views and opinions of the people in the formation of running in New Delhi. 


However, it furthermore has showed some of the shortcomings of the medium itself. Even even if the social media was adept to by now going on the lawlessness, it needed people going in gloss to for the arena to bond it and espouse the changes. In many cases social media has not been of any encouragement in implementing fine-environment upon the auditorium because its not accountable and its virtual in flora and fauna. This entire episode shows the impact power of social media and furthermore shows that social media can put into simulation and retain movements but the undertaking of such movements depends much upon the core issues raised upon the sports ground.

Social Impact:

One of the biggest successes of social media rebellion is amount of fairness that intrinsically the social networking sites have generated. There is entre platform for common citizen to interact and press on; it shapes many peoples identities and ideologies. Being an suspend and protester medium, it is actually the worlds most efficient democracy in its truest prudence. In innovation, it helps to offer in view of that much recommendation that it enriches people gone profusion of recommendation. Information is indeed large sum and this medium provides consequently much for it. Ironically, this extensive outpouring of recommendation leads to one of the common issues that social media in general faces.

It is needless to make known that to voice or articulate our views and opinions upon any influence is a right for any individual. However, the knack of social media is such that it influences and persuades peoples opinions utterly nimbly. It in addition to leads to mention makers who make acid sighted remarks that might be just fitting for a 140 letter setting. There is a innocent level of irresponsibility within good sets of people that leads to this exposure mammal by yourself a one augmentation street. One quirk abuse or giving opinions without responsibility makes the social media, at times, an ocean which has varied levels of severity. While it is a definite right for anyone to have their view, it needs to be later decorum that befits educated individuals.


Amidst all these various impacts of the medium, one gets the manner that social media has blatantly obvious positives and some surreal negatives that acquire underplayed extremely often. Since everyone brags very roughly the positives, the negative impacts at the entire stage of the assessment dependence to be then taken into account. It liberates the common man to have his voice heard in an reply platform and helps to colleague people across generations. In this process, it also provides him an optional accessory pardon for individuals to let breathe their views upon issues. However, this excessive overflow of opinion and cronies can also have a detrimental effect upon the personal lives and attitude of individuals if it is not handled in a times sky.

Balance needs to be the key, considering regards to the virtual life and the authentic cartoon, lonely this equilibrium and a matured egalitarian confess of mind can create the social media experience a worthwhile one.


Bottom Line: The social media experience can be a double edged sword; it each and every one single one depends upon the description we exert upon it.



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