Uebert, U. (2017). Uebert Angel: A Well-Known Tycoon. PHILICA.COM Article number 974.
Uebert Angel: A Well-Known Tycoon

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Uebert Angel is the founder and CEO of Sam Barkley, a construction company under the parent company “The Angel Organization” (TAO). Sam Barkley specialises in construction, land and building acquisition, as well as buy-to- sell properties. In addition to Sam Barkeley, Uebert Angel also has an array of profitable enterprises under the parent company “The Angel Organisation” (TAO), which include hard to soft furnishings.

Reputed as the senior lecturer and founder of the ‘Osborn Institute of Theology’, Uebert Angel has developed the online Theology school for international students. This institution is accredited by the ‘Transworld Accrediting Association’, which has students from more than 25 countries from all over the world. He championed the OIT courses to make it available to the international audience. He has raised the profile of accredited courses, launched online partnership for learning, supporting sustainability, promoted collaboration of administrative units and academic disciplines, as Angel guided his Osborn Institution in each and every step of accreditation, creation and launch. Uebert Angel has authored some of the best-selling books and is well into double figures in his collection.
He is a British national and attended Salford University in Greater Manchester. He received multiple degrees in the subject of Finance and has achieved ‘Student of the Year’ accolade on campus. He is an eminent public figure and UN ambassador with close associations with world leaders and state heads.
He is a motivational speaker and has carried out educational seminars in England, America, Africa and Canada. He is referred to as charismatic and young by the BBC. Angel is the CEO and founder at Sam Barkley, which is a construction company. It specializes in building and land acquisition and in buying and selling of properties. Apart from Sam Barkley, Uebert Angel also owns a host of flourishing enterprises under the parent company, such as Brits Bank and Atom Mobile. The Angel Organization (TAO). He is known to own more than 250 properties in both the residential and commercial sectors.
He is known to be involved in charitable work and founded the ‘Free Earth’ movement that was created to offer basic requirements to the underprivileged people as well as to the lobby for the policy change on order to make the basic requirements available to all people.

He created ‘The Millionaire Academy’ to train people how to become successful entrepreneurs. His main aim is to eradicate poverty with his business skill and extensive knowledge.

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