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The Journey of a Visionary Leader – Sukanto Tanoto

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An inspiration for many, Sukanto Tanoto is an influential personality, not just in his home country Indonesia, but also across the world. He is the founder and chairman of RGE (Royal Golden Eagle), a group of companies belonging to different industrial verticals. However, that is not the only way the world knows him. As a visionary, pioneer, skillful entrepreneur, business leader, philanthropist, and a community development participant, he continues to earn recognition at the global level.

As an entrepreneur and a visionary who changed the way of business, Sukanto Tanoto’s journey has been exemplary. Born in 1949 in Medan, he began his journey as an entrepreneur following his family history.  Way back in 1967, he helped his family to manage a small spare parts supply business and eventually graduated to the construction and oil industry. As such, early exposure to the world to ignite the enduring entrepreneurial skills and spirit in Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, which fuelled the desire to diversify his business and overcome innumerable obstacles that came along his way.
With diligence, acumen, and vision, he gradually diversified the business and won contracts in the construction of gas pipelines for Indonesian Oil and Gas Company called Petamina. When there was severe oil crisis in 1972, his business expanded in this region due to soaring prices of oil and gas. The early exposure helped him develop his business vision, which he eventually used for diversification.
Today, Sukanto Tanoto is leading the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) company as the Founder and the Chairman. RGE group is a diversified network of world-class companies having an asset base of more than 18 billion US dollars on palm oil, pulp, paper, oil, gas and viscose staple fiber. All these companies have their operations in China, Brazil and sales offices all over the world.
In 1981, when his business was just pioneering, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto along with his wife Tinah Bingei Tanoto, was actively involved in establishing kindergarten as well as elementary schools in the remote village of Sumatera Utara province. They named the school ‘Bersitang’ in 1981. As of today, Sukanto Tanoto is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Tanoto Foundation, which is a recognized philanthropic organization committed to poverty mitigation through quality education, enhancement, and empowerment.
Mr. Sukanto Tanoto is also the member of INSEAD International Council and the Wharton Board of Overseers along with various other community, educational, and industrial bodies. He has received several awards, including the prestigious Wharton School Dean’s Medal Award that recognizes an individual’s contribution to the development and enlargement of the overall global economy and towards the improvement of lives and living worldwide.

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