nakshitakumar, n. (2018). The Secret Ingredients that Go into Making of Fashionably Stylish Outfits. PHILICA.COM Article number 1232.
The Secret Ingredients that Go into Making of Fashionably Stylish Outfits

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Nowadays, garments are generally produced in a bulk and packaged in a thin tissue as per the standard and respective sizes. Designs, on the other hand, are proposed as per preliminary sketches that are discussed upon by dressmakers, custom clothing manufacturers, fashion designers, and marketers. The history of last year’s sales is then compared and analysed for specific products, designs and patterns.

Gone are the days when wearing garments was solely meant to keep the heat and dirt away or to cover yourself. Now, it is now majorly a personality enhancer and displayer of class and style quotient. Who doesn’t love bagging appreciation for the outfit worn? However, have you ever imagined the efforts, skill, dedication, patience, and inputs that go into making your clothes? Do you know how much work goes behind making you look perfect?

So Much to Make You Look Extraordinarily Good! 

A team of dedicated, established and skilful team of workers, work hand in hand to bring about perfection in each of its manufactured garment. The second-most priority that comes alongside the teamwork is the zeal and determination to keep up with the quality. Fit, fabrics, design, cuts, and colour is what follows next.
Here are the important factors that play an important role in making your outfit look perfectly fab!
Factors that Help Make Your Dress Stand Out and Dazzle
Let us take you through the long and meticulously laid manufacturing process that goes behind to give you perfect garments. There are many stages, which a garment has to pass through, before receiving the final price tag.
* After a rigorous process of fabric selection, the garment manufacturers lay out all the possible design against the fabric before they burn lamps deciding the perfect look.
* Next comes the experimentation with fabrics to create something for everybody, and to suit everybody’s need.
* Individual patterns are taken up to cut out pieces of fabric, that are then taken up together to create something wearable.
Few patterns stand the test of time through centuries. In case a particular design goes under the review scanner and emerges as perfect, it is thereafter allotted to a line, which marks it for a specific customer profile.
Custom Designing: The Most Important Part of Garment Production
Not the printing of paper pattern pieces, but it is the designing, which is not only time consuming but also an expensive and creative segment of production. The sketch of the designer should necessarily be recast into a general-size pattern, which in turn must be fashionable and easy to make. A perfect or popular pattern helps a sewer to construct clothing at half the cost it might take to purchase a cloth from a retail store.

The design process that goes into the making of a garment, includes a pattern organization’s product development sector to evaluate three major elements - the customer’s skill, taste, and, lifestyle, along with the ongoing fashion trend and the previous year’s sales figures.
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