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Best Tips to Find the Right Apparel Manufacturer

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If you are someone who grew up with a childhood aspiration of opening your own clothing line, that dream is not so out of reach anymore. With so many able garments manufacturers out there, it is really easy to realize your dream of opening your own clothing line. Getting yourself in touch with the right manufacturer is a crucial step and it would help to make or break your dream. Here are some tips to help you find yourself the right manufacturer.

1. You need to work on the pricing of your product. The price of the product would not be the same for when you make them in your studio and when they are produced in large scale by the manufacturer. The production price significantly affects the retail and the wholesale prices so you have to make an estimate of the product’s price point and find a manufacturer who can handle the budget.  The tip is that you need to keep your margins lower in the beginning because your quantities would be smaller. Asian manufacturers are preferred because of their cheaper production prices.  

2. It brings you to the next step. Where do you want your product to be manufactured? Although Asian countries are a great choice for cheaper production rates, there are always long lead times and shipping charges to worry about. If these are going to create a problem then you would want to look for local manufacturers.  

3. Searching for a good manufacturer can be a bit hard since so many good manufacturing companies do not even have a proper website. There is no short-cut to this step. You have to do your research, ask around for reliable custom clothing manufacturers, pour through online websites, trade magazines and ask people for recommendations. It might seem like a lot but your efforts are worth it if you find a good manufacturer for your product.
4. You have to interview your potential manufacturers before making a choice. You can ask them about the kinds of products they produce, what their price points are like, what services they can offer you, what is their minimum product count per colour and size for a single order and so on. Do not hesitate to ask questions. You can only go to the next step when you are satisfied with the manufacturer’s answers.
5. Once you have located a manufacturer, you can send them your prototypes, designs, fabric swatches and technical sheets and enquire if it is their cup of tea. See if they can work with your estimated pricing or if they have a price point of their own. If you are looking for manufacturers who can produce quality embroidered garments, clothing manufacturers in India are one of the best ones in this department.
6. Give them an estimate of your production schedule and make sure that they do have time to help you out.
7. Have them create a sample product in order to get a look at their quality and construction.
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