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Full-length Articles
0 Reviews: The letter to the Benedict XVI. [Philosophy]
Tatrocki, P. (26th Sep 2006).

0 Reviews: Derivation of the Born rule from outcome counting and a solution to the quantitative problem of the multiple worlds interpretation [Physics]
Strayhorn, D. (3rd Oct 2006).

0 Reviews: The Cosmopolitan Universalism of Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko [Humanities]
Binney, M. (4th Oct 2006).

0 Reviews: The Means of Knowledge: Age and Agency in the Canterbury Academy Struggle [Education]
Mitchell, E. (20th Nov 2006).

0 Reviews: Representativity as a scale-independent factor for democratic participation [Political studies]
Mitchell, E. (20th Nov 2006).

0 Reviews: Private Street Dangerous: Common Property Regimes on Private, Segmented Streets in Worcester, Massachusetts [Geography & geology]
Mitchell, E. (21st Nov 2006).

0 Reviews: Calendrics and Astronomy in the Mozarabic Chronicle [Astronomy & cosmology]
Mitchell, E. (22nd Nov 2006).

0 Reviews: EJ=0 as a special case of contrary motion [Music]
Doglas, Y. (24th Nov 2006).

0 Reviews: Exploring the Cross compatibility of the Andreasen (1995) definition of social Marketing and the AMA (2004) definition of Commercial Marketing. [Management & Business studies]
Dann, S. (29th Nov 2006).

0 Reviews: On the Principle of Relativity of Music [Music]
Doglas, Y. (4th Dec 2006).

0 Reviews: On the Properties of Original Triads Regarding Dissonance [Music]
Doglas, Y. (12th Dec 2006).

0 Reviews: Felix’s Refusal to Further Listen to Paul as a Statement of Philosophical Superiority [Humanities]
Torres, M. (29th Dec 2006).

0 Reviews: Educational Antidisestablishmentarianism [Education]
Mitchell, E. (19th Jan 2007).

0 Reviews: Are J0233+0105 and J0233+0106 binary star components? [Astronomy & cosmology]
Nicholson, M. (29th Jan 2007).

0 Reviews: A new binary system in Virgo? [Astronomy & cosmology]
Nicholson, M. (30th Jan 2007).

0 Reviews: Four previously unreported quasars in Leo [Astronomy & cosmology]
Nicholson, M. (6th Feb 2007).

Kelly, A. (6th Mar 2007).

0 Reviews: Resolving Aristotle’s Antinomy of Creation [Anthropology]
Kelly, A. (6th Jul 2007).

0 Reviews: On the Inadequacy of Public Goods Theory: The Case of Education [Economics & development]
Kayiran Dikmen, M. (30th Jul 2007).

0 Reviews: Morality under anarchy: neorealism and the foreign aid regime [International studies]
Kamminga, M. (2nd Nov 2007).

0 Reviews: About the Electrostatic Field following Coulomb’s law with additional Consideration of the finite speed of Propagation following the Theory of Relativity [Physics]
Turtur, C. (11th Dec 2007).

0 Reviews: Two Paradoxes of the Existence of magnetic Fields [Physics]
Turtur, C. (19th Dec 2007).

0 Reviews: A Motor driven by Electrostatic Forces [Physics]
Turtur, C. (18th Feb 2008).

0 Reviews: An illustrative disproof of the collisionless Boltzmann equation [Physics]
chen, c. (26th Mar 2008).

0 Reviews: Conversion of Vacuum-energy into mechanical energy: Successful experimental Verification [Physics]
Turtur, C. (2nd Apr 2008).

0 reviews: Difficulties in the Sonoluminescence Theory Based on Quantum Phenomenon of Vacuum Radiation [Physics]
Tatrocki, P. (22nd Sep 2006).

Lawson, P. (26th Oct 2006).

Short Observations
0 reviews: FRU does not regulate yellow in fly pigmented cells [Biological sciences]
Drapeau, M. (29th Jun 2006).

0 reviews: Non-coincidental pleiotropy of pigmentation, brain, and behavior and its evolution [Neuroscience]
Drapeau, M. (26th Jul 2006).

0 reviews: Microsatellite set up and analysis for multiplex specimens using an ABI PRISM 3100 Genetic Analyzer [Biological sciences]
Mitchell, M. (10th Aug 2006).

0 reviews: Project threats and opportunities—a conjecture [Management & Business studies]
Smyrk, J. (18th Nov 2006).

0 reviews: Designed to fail? - the current state of amateur double star astronomy. [Astronomy & cosmology]
Nicholson, M. (5th Feb 2007).

0 reviews: What does the term “IT project” actually mean?: a challenge to the IT profession. [Management & Business studies]
Smyrk, J. (15th Mar 2007).

0 reviews: An electrostatic rotor with a mechanical bearing [Physics]
Turtur, C. (11th Apr 2008).

0 reviews: Endocrine disruption – a pain in the backside? [Environmental studies]
Grover, D. (25th Apr 2008).

0 reviews: The role of Ionic Wind for the Electrostatic Rotor to convert Vacuum Energy into Mechanical Energy [Physics]
Turtur, C. (16th Sep 2008).

0 reviews: Potential interaction between two allogenic ecosystem engineers, beaver and emerald ash borer [Zoology & veterinary studies]
Marshall, J. (28th Oct 2008).

0 reviews: Remote Observing with Global Rent-A-Scope (GRAS) [Astronomy & cosmology]
Nicholson, M. (25th Feb 2009).

0 reviews: Time, and the “magnitude of size” spectrum (MOSS) [Astronomy & cosmology]
Berman, B. (29th Apr 2009).

0 reviews: A Critique of a method for Identifying Common Proper-Motion Pairs [Astronomy & cosmology]
Nicholson, M. (15th Sep 2009).

0 reviews: The inverse square law [Astronomy & cosmology]
Berman, B. (22nd Feb 2010).

0 reviews: Proposal for a test of a motionless zero-point-energy converter [Physics]
Turtur, C. (4th Jun 2010).

0 reviews: A suggestion about the BP oil spill [Environmental studies]
chen, c. (4th Jun 2010).

0 reviews: The Physics of Time [Astronomy & cosmology]
Berman, B. (20th Jan 2011).

0 reviews: The Physics of Reality [Astronomy & cosmology]
Berman, B. (21st Feb 2011).

0 reviews: An EMDR-converter with low rotational speed [Physics]
Turtur, C. (2nd May 2011).

0 reviews: Precognition [Astronomy & cosmology]
Berman, B. (25th Nov 2011).

0 reviews: Distribution of prime numbers [Mathematics]
Ouannas, M. (4th Nov 2012).

0 reviews: Literature and Ethics: Insights from Archeology and Anthropology [Humanities]
Faiq, M. (10th Feb 2013).

0 reviews: The Structure of Time [Astronomy & cosmology]
Berman, B. (26th Jun 2013).

0 reviews: Thoughts on matter and entangled pairs [Physics]
lee, d. (11th Sep 2013).

0 reviews: Isoforms of monoamine oxidase (MAO) in coelacanth allow more precise dating of MAO gene duplication [Biological sciences]
Jones, T. (8th Nov 2013).

0 reviews: Fly flight inhibition by misexpression of a FRU isoform [Biological sciences]
Drapeau, M. (19th Jun 2006).

0 reviews: Tags Indicate That Open Access Is Flourishing [Sociology & social sciences]
Till, J. (8th Jan 2007).

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