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Most recent Articles in Physics
Amedeo Avogadro e la Fisica Sublime - III - Gas perfetti e gas reali [Physics]
Sparavigna, A. (24th Oct 2016).

Amedeo Avogadro e la Fisica Sublime - II - Ipotesi sul numero di molecole nei volumi dei gas ed lavori sui calori specifici [Physics]
Sparavigna, A. (24th Oct 2016).

Amedeo Avogadro e la Fisica Sublime - I - I primi studi [Physics]
Sparavigna, A. (24th Oct 2016).

Specific heat and electronegativity in the talks given by Amedeo Avogadro in the Congress of the Italian Scientists held in Turin in 1840 [Physics]
Sparavigna, A. (22nd Oct 2016).

Il Mirascopio di Giovanni Battista Della Porta [Physics]
Sparavigna, A. (3rd Aug 2016).

A Holistic Novel Bracket And Holistic Wave Equation Of A Photon [Physics]
Bagadi, R. (8th Jul 2016).

A Novel Bracket And Wave Equation Of A Photon [Physics]
Bagadi, R. (21st Jun 2016).

Gravity in Space-Matter [Physics]
Lajtner, T. (28th May 2016).

Most recent Observations in Physics
Modern Physics Handed Down From the Concept of Error and Distortion of Newtonian Mechanics [Physics]
Kim, Y. (4th May 2016).

Error in special theory of relativity and an alternative [Physics]
Kim, Y. (4th May 2016).

Time has two or more dimensions [Physics]
Berman, B. (20th Feb 2016).

The dual nature of electromagnetism, Part 2 [Physics]
Berman, B. (15th Feb 2016).

The dual nature of electromagnetism [Physics]
Berman, B. (14th Feb 2016).

On the Expansion of the Universe Through Gravitational Waves [Physics]
Guo, W. (2nd Nov 2015).

The New Theory of Everything. [Physics]
Rodriguez Nunez., j. (28th Apr 2015).

The source of consciousness [Physics]
Berman, B. (8th Jan 2015).

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