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Mutholy, E. (2018). How Your Business Will Suffer From Workplace Bullying. PHILICA.COM Observation number 218.

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How Your Business Will Suffer From Workplace Bullying

Elisha Mutholyunconfirmed user (Vidyasagar University)

Published in edu.philica.com

A workplace bully can cause such emotional turmoil to a co-worker or subordinate that the employee takes extra sick days, stress leave, and may even actively search for a job with another company. The business loses an talented and skilled worker; not only that, the company, in some cases, will also need to spend the equivalent of twice that employee’s yearly salary finding a replacement.

There are companies in Australia that specialise in training of this nature. Along with cyber-bullying awareness, they can make staff aware of the dangers of bullying in the workplace and provide staff with the resources to combat it. A bully-free workplace is a pleasant environment to work in; employees will be free to do what they do best: their jobs. Ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away is a strategy that never works; it will only get worse with time.

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