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Berman, B. (2017). An Existential Message for 2017. PHILICA.COM Observation number 214.

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An Existential Message for 2017

Brad G. Bermanunconfirmed user (Oregon State University)

Published in astro.philica.com

The closest analogy for the existence of all the atomic morphologies of the universe is that of an optical holographic projection system. But instead of imagining our world as being comprised of holographically projected images, think of our world as existing because of a myriad of temporal coincidences that are being continuously compelled to emerge from out the quantum foam, coincidences that exist because of a universal holographic imaging process. Atoms and all their forms are emerging at unique focal points in time and place where the electromagnetic components of the foam are being compelled to align, allowing for our coincidental existence. A holographic quantum foam structure would also provide a permanent storage for all future and past incidences of our reality. One compelling effect of this process is Gravity, the boundary condition of these confluences where the foam is continuously emerging into the present.

From another point of view: we are standing waves in this process of time. Just prior to the standing wave of our present, the temporal gyroscopic nature of space is accelerating into alignment. The boundary effect of this temporal confluence, this standing wave in time where mass is continuously being pulled up from out of the quantum foam, is being felt as gravity.

Expressed yet a third way: we each lie at the peak crossing points of an infinity of electromagnetic wave phenomena that results in our existence, but the bandwidth of our existence is very narrow, defining the very narrow breadth of our present. The future and past exist just off the center of our present moment as invisible space. The process that is lifting us up out of space into physical existence are the holographically induced coincidences at each time-place. The entire universe could be what is known as the process of time wherein our existence IS the confluence of timing that is also providing our physical surroundings.

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This is a concept previously published by this author on Aug. 16, 1971

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Berman, B. (2017). An Existential Message for 2017. PHILICA.COM Observation number 214.

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