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Bagadi, R. (2017). Universal Function. (ISSN 1751-3030). PHILICA.COM Observation number 153.

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Universal Function. (ISSN 1751-3030)

Ramesh Chandra Bagadiunconfirmed user (Physics, Engineering Mechanics, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin)

Published in physic.philica.com

Any Phenomena of the Universe can be explained in terms of the Universal Function of Forced Precession of a Planet due to Sun and its Moons. Only that, this function can be modified to include the effect of Sun also precessing due to Galaxy that causes it and Galaxy also precessing likewise due to a Universe that causes it and so on so forth infinitely. For Example, the Stock Market fluctuations function also follows this behaviour.

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This Observation has not yet been peer-reviewed
This Observation was published on 17th February, 2017 at 09:49:23 and has been viewed 1038 times.

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Bagadi, R. (2017). Universal Function. (ISSN 1751-3030). PHILICA.COM Observation number 153.

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