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Berman, B. (2016). The Universal Electron Shell Structure. PHILICA.COM Observation number 140.

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The Universal Electron Shell Structure

Brad G. Bermanunconfirmed user (Oregon State University)

Published in physic.philica.com

Electron shells may not be just coming into existence as electrons are occasionally added into an atom, they may already exist as a permanent structure comprising all of spacetime. Consequently, an infinity of shells of universally-shared structure may be what is unfolding the emergent phenomena of all electron characteristics everywhere in the universe. If the entire shell structure is everywhere the same, from ground state up, and spanning the entire universe, it would render this entire structure immediately accessible everywhere, as its state would be the same, regardless of spacetime coordinates. The only differences would be in the unique behavior each local environment bestows upon each emergence of the electron, and what relative ground state has been established at that location. Perhaps this helps explain the concepts of entanglement and consciousness.
Quantized shell transitions, resulting in the expulsion of a photon, may actually be the shells touching one another, then emitting energy in order to re-stabilize, just as a cloud emits lightening in order to return to neutrality. The emitted photon may be shooting down the hallways and corridors inside the faces of these universal electron shells. Thus, it is possible to imagine each shell to be an edge-on face of a full-blown 4-D “parallel universe”, of which there would be infinitely many. It is also possible to envision the structure as not unlike a universal capacitor that is comprised of an infinity of surface area parallel faces.
Because transitions of state slightly modify the morphology of the entire universal electron shell structure, quantum shifts in the structure may be easily detected simultaneously anywhere throughout the universe, instead of waiting for a photon of information to arrive eons later. Since the structure would have no mass, information propagation would be instantaneous, just as an observer riding a photon would claim.

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Berman, B. (2016). The Universal Electron Shell Structure. PHILICA.COM Observation number 140.

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