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Berman, B. (2016). Time has two or more dimensions. PHILICA.COM Observation number 101.

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Time has two or more dimensions

Brad G. Bermanunconfirmed user (Oregon State University)

Published in physic.philica.com

A two-dimensional aspect of time can explain some of the mysterious aspects of nature that have not yet been revealed by physics.
In the 1st, there is the observed natural world of serial time, seen as the flow of energy. It is exuding from out of each Planck singularity as continuous spheres, at the speed of light (speed of time), sometimes carrying energy as electromagnetic waves. As light travels, it touches the faces of 2nd time during its travels, as E=hf. Serial time has been well characterized by the laws of the sciences.

The 2nd is an invisible static dimension of “parallel” time that defines space-time’s volume (actually, “time-space”) and it has these properties:
· It is comprised of a structure that is responsible for change, metamorphosis and evolution through its patterned dispensation of energy out into serial time.
· This parallel aspect of time is the source of all past and future events that have and will happen in serial time.
· Its structure is comprised of the two electromagnetic properties of time-space, its Permittivity and its Permeability.
· This structure is holographic, in that its output (serial time) is being computed by the slow motions of the intense point sources of black holes, and to a lesser extent, all the other gravitational contributions that are texturing its structure.
· It is the source of the consciousness that motivates all living atomic constructs. Examples: bee and ant colonies and the social dimensions of humankind.
· This structure is bonding with the neural structures of the brain in order to serve as our sensations of consciousness and purpose and sense of self. It is the permanent source of what we sense as our personal “soul”.
· This “volume” of time is the integral of all Planck, h-separated surfaces that are being computed down into our first dimension. Acting as the store of all time, it allows the brain to experience the phenomena of “memory” as well as the occasional glimpse of future events.

Observation circumstances
Ongoing research into the nature of time

Berman, Brad G. (2012) Theory on The Eternal mind, ISBN: 9781301896820
Berman, Brad G. (2015) Advanced Mind Reading, ISBN 9781310362422

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Berman, B. (2016). Time has two or more dimensions. PHILICA.COM Observation number 101.

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