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Bagadi, R. (2017). Theory Of Natural Metric (New). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM Article number 983.

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Theory Of Natural Metric (New). ISSN 1751-3030

Ramesh Chandra Bagadiunconfirmed user (Physics, Engineering Mechanics, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin)

Published in matho.philica.com

In this research investigation, the author has detailed about the Scheme of construction of Natural metric for any given positive Integer. Natural Metric can be used for Natural Scaling of any Set optimally. Natural Metric also forms the Universal Basis for the Universal Correspondence Principle between Quantum mechanics and Newtonian Mechanics. Furthermore, Natural Metric finds great use in the Science of Forecasting Engineering.

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Bagadi, R. (2017). Theory Of Natural Metric (New). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM Article number 983.

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