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Walter, R. (2017). Video examples of Management Consultancy. PHILICA.COM Article number 914.

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Video examples of Management Consultancy

Richard Walterunconfirmed user (Marketing, Adrian College)

Published in compu.philica.com

Video examples of Management Consultancy

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Management Consulting firms have transitioned their approach and scope of offering to reach to newer audience. Whether you are focused on helping Small Businesses or Large Businesses, whether by Geography or specific industry, it’s vital to market the company effectively. Video marketing is not new but under utilized as an option to differentiate by Management Consulting companies.


Booz Allen Hamilton serves US government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets with Technology and Management Consulting. ProspeX an initiative by the company showed the vision and growth a person can be part of by joining the team. The video not only attracts the future team members but also impacts a customer showing what Booz Allen Hamilton company’s culture is


Deloitte Australia with a forte in management and financial advisory, published this video highlighting the current trend and capturing the vast shift in mobile device usage among Australians. The video puts stats and opportunity together in a 60 seconds video.

A management or business consulting company has to portray how they look at the future, how they look at the changing consumer behaviour, how they solve problems.
In this video Deloitte highlights how their Leadership has evolved and helps achieve greater business results.



McKinsey & Company is a worldwide management consulting firm conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to evaluate management decisions. Their latest offering CANVAS a digital platform to visualize data insights was released with this Launch Video.

For More Info: http://blog.advids.co/12-video-marketing-examples-from-management-business-consulting-firms/


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