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Walter, R. (2017). Example videos of sales automation tools. PHILICA.COM Article number 913.

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Example videos of sales automation tools

Richard Walterunconfirmed user (Marketing, Adrian College)

Published in compu.philica.com

Example videos of sales automation tools

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In today’s competitive business landscape, sales automation has become increasingly important. Sales automation tools eliminate many of the essential, but time-consuming, manual tasks that eat up valuable time. With each organization having a distinct sales process it is vital to ensure that Sales Automation Software provider can educate and show how their solution can streamline sales process.


Simplr Solutions helps FMCG/CPG business manage their sales force while providing complete visibility across a supply chain to the management. This video showcases how Simplr’s apps provides solutions to small, medium and enterprise customers.


CatiLogic helps promote your business, product or yourself. Best of all you can use it on the go – on your mobile device. Automate your Sales with an Agile CRM tool that allows you to market, sell and run your business from anywhere. The video highlights the great features and how they help automate sales.


GreatVines is an easy-to-manage sales automation platform. GreatVines provides solution for countless challenges global beverage industry faces like identifying and managing key accounts, increasing brand awareness and visibility, understanding depletion and sales trends, collaborating with customers and partners and meeting annual sales goals, just to name a few!. The video showcases how the sales process works in beverage industry and how can their solution automate it.


Oracle designed its Sales Cloud Service solution, providing technology that allows reps to sell more, managers to know more, and companies to grow more. This video enforces why sales elite use Oracle Sales Cloud vs the competition.

For More Help : http://blog.advids.co/11-video-examples-used-sales-automation-software-platform/ 

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