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Bagadi, R. (2016). TRL Universal Natural Hole Of Any Aspect Primality Of Concern. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM Article number 877.

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TRL Universal Natural Hole Of Any Aspect Primality Of Concern. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030

Ramesh Chandra Bagadiunconfirmed user (Physics, Engineering Mechanics, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin)

Published in engi.philica.com

In this research investigation, the author has detailed all about the ‘Universal Natural Hole Of Any Aspect Primality Of Concern’.

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TRL Universal Natural Hole Of Any Aspect Primality Of Concern. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030.

Ramesh Chandra Bagadi
Founder, Owner, Co-Director And Advising Scientist In Principal
Ramesh Bagadi Consulting LLC (R042752)
Madison, Wisconsin-53715, United States Of America.


Permanent Home Address:
MIG-905, Mithilapuri Colony,
VUDA Layout, Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam 530 041,
Andhra Pradesh State, India.

+91-9440032711, +91-7702721450, +91-891-2501619 (Land Line)

Universal Reach Address:
URL8.0, U8.0 of the stated Spaces in [0]

Author’s Picture:


One can note from author’s [1], [2] and [3] that for any Aspect Primality of concern, say {S1}, we can always find it’s Quantum Converse Dual Primality {S1}’ (found as any of the Converse Types detailed in [2], [3]) and can also find* this Primality as itself or/ and it’s Universe(s) In Parallel (found to Exhaustion at all Levels of Complements) in the Aspect Primality {S1} itself, while taking care of the Evolution Potential Annulling Prime Metric Algebra appropriately over the Space-Time Span Bounds of {S1}. This can be considered as a ‘Universal Natural Hole’ of {S1} in {S1} which can also be referred to as the Natural Redundancy of {S1}. (*Also, this can be achieved by significantly Evolving {S1} if we cannot find so initially). Furthermore, one can also note that one can always Slate the ‘Universal Quantization Operator’ of concern (using which we wish to Quantize the Aspect Primality {S1} of concern) in the Basis of this Natural Hole Primality, i.e., {S1}’. One can also Evolve this Hole Primality {S1}’ sufficiently enough that the Aspect Primality {S1} is Naturally Windowable using the thusly Slated and Evolved Or/ And thusly Evolved and Slated ‘Universal Quantization Operator’. Conversely, any Unjustified ‘Universal Quantization Operator’s Action can also be Negated using the Redundancy^ (inclusive of the act of unjustified Quantization) of the same. Usually, whatever is the Primary Object of the Aspect Primality is, the Hole Primality is the Primality of the Objective Totally Contrary to such aforementioned Primary Objective of the Aspect Primality {S1}.


0.Bagadi, R. (2016). TRL The Universal Recursive Access Technology Even Through Quantum Lenses. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM

Article number 671.

1.Bagadi, R. (2016). TRL Universal Recursive Scheme To Compute Any Positive Real Order Sequence Of Primes. (Rendition To Completion). (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM Article number 864.                                                                                                               

2.Bagadi, Ramesh Chandra. Universal Cross Product.


3.Bagadi, R. (2016). TRL Life Engineering. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM Article number 870.                                   

3.Bagadi, Ramesh Chandra. Life Engineering.                         http://vixra.org/abs/1611.0216





Ekovaasi Sarva Bhootaan Antaraatmah (It is the One That Pervades All)

                                                                                        —-Ramesh Chandra Bagadi



The author would like to express his deepest gratitude to all the members of his Loving Family (especially my wife Radha Boddepalli, sisters Vimala Chandrika Bagadi, Vasantha Lakshmi Bagadi, mother Damayanthi Paila and Father Ananda Rao Bagadi), Respectable Teachers, En-Dear-Able Friends, Inspiring Social Figures, Highly Esteemed Professors, Reverence Deserving Deities that have deeply contributed in the formation of the necessary scientific temperament and the social and personal outlook of the author that has resulted in the conception, preparation and authoring of this research manuscript document.




The author pays his sincere tribute to all those dedicated and sincere folk of academia, industry and elsewhere who have sacrificed a lot of their structured leisure time and have painstakingly authored treatises on Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Art and Philosophy covering all the developments from time immemorial until then, in their supreme works. It is standing on such treasure of foundation of knowledge, aided with an iota of personal god-gifted creativity that the author bases his foray of wild excursions into the understanding of natural phenomenon and forms new premises and scientifically surmises plausible laws. The author strongly reiterates his sense of gratitude and infinite indebtedness to all such ‘Philosophical Statesmen’ that are evergreen personal librarians of Science, Art, Mathematics and Philosophy.

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Bagadi, R. (2016). TRL Universal Natural Hole Of Any Aspect Primality Of Concern. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM Article number 877.

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