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Kcelley, F. (2016). The Different Types of Travel Agencies. PHILICA.COM Article number 867.

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The Different Types of Travel Agencies

Frank Kcelleyunconfirmed user (Alaska Bible College)

Published in humani.philica.com

As the name suggests, travel agencies are agents or a group of people that act together to help people deal with the formalities of a travelling process. Such work includes ticket selling, reservations, selling travel products and many related tasks.

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Such huge tasks of the travel agents generally do not bear any expense on the traveller. The travel agents only receive a very small amount of commission from the overall expense. This expense doesn’t come attached with any product sale or tickets and is an independent cost. Almost all travel agencies over the world work in this similar process. However, the types of travel agencies can be categorized into many. Read more to know.

General Sales Agencies

General sales agents can be compared to the tourism ambassador. A travel company may have, for example, headquartered in Uzbekistan, but it can set up Uzbekistan Travel Agencies all around the globe to promote tourism of their country.

Business and Commercial Travel Agencies

Many travel agencies have a department of leisure travel and a department of business travel. The requirement and service of different traveller tend to vary from one another; therefore, dividing the responsibilities among the different departments can help in smooth function of the agencies and provide the travellers with better deals and services. However, many<a xhref="http://www.fivestansadventure.com/destinations/uzbekistan">Uzbekistan Tours</a> and travel agencies provide concentrated service in business and commercial travel.

By Class

It is a general believe that all national travel agencies provide the best international travel service and have the most reliable customer service, given their consistent pricing and policies, but, that is not true always. The big brands of travel agencies provide competitive deals and offers, but there are local agents that can attractive deals and services in an initiation to promote their company.

Online Travel Agencies

Nowadays, with the advent of the online and digital world, most of the work has taken a digital shape. The internet has also boosted the travel agencies to include their travel itinerary, services, ticketing and other promotional activities to showcase with the help of internet. This has also been a boon to the travellers to browse through multiple travel agents and compare their pricing, policies and other details to match their needs. If you want to go for time-tested and reliable travel agents, you can find many traditional travel agencies who have set up full service websites for convenient ticket booking and availing other discounts and promotional.

Before going for a travel agency, set your preferences, needs, and trip objectives. As discussed above, there are various categories of travel agencies with their own set of services and policies.

If you are wanderlust and frequently visit several places, you can take help of a big corporate travel agency that would have several branches spread across the world. If you want to go for a specific trip with defined goals, a niche travel agency might be the right option as a travel partner for your journey.


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