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Bagadi, R. (2016). TRL Universal Alphabets Based Word Intelligence. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM Article number 712.

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TRL Universal Alphabets Based Word Intelligence. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030

Ramesh Chandra Bagadiunconfirmed user (Physics, Engineering Mechanics, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin)

Published in engi.philica.com

TRL Universal Fusion Intelligence. Universal Alphabets Based Word Intelligence. Universal Cross Product Intelligence. Universal Compatibility Criterion For Recursive Scale Shifting Technique. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030.

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TRL Universal Fusion Intelligence. Universal Alphabets Based Word Intelligence. Universal Cross Product Intelligence. Universal Compatibility Criterion For Recursive Scale Shifting Technique. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030.

Ramesh Chandra Bagadi
Founder, Owner, Co-Director And Advising Scientist In Principal
Ramesh Bagadi Consulting LLC (R042752)

Madison, Wisconsin-53715, United States Of America.


Permanent Home Address:
MIG-905, Mithilapuri Colony,
VUDA Layout, Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam 530-041,
Andhra Pradesh State, India.

+91-9440032711, +91-7702721450, +91-891-2501619 (Land Line)

Universal Reach Address:
U8.0 of the stated Spaces in [0]

One can note that, with reference to author’s ‘Alphabet Intelligence’, we can note the following for the Greek Alphabet:





and so on so forth.

We can note that we can have two Greek Letters to form an Alphabet Type only when the First Letter of the FIRST Greek Alphabet (such as Alpha) is also the Last Letter of the same FIRST Greek Alphabet and is also the same as the Last Letter of the SECOND Greek Alphabet (Omega), where FIRST denotes the Equivalence to ‘Alpha’ and SECOND denotes Equivalence to ‘Beta’, together forming ‘AlphaBeta’, i.e., an Alphabet, i.e., here, in this case forming an ‘AlphaOmega’, i.e., an ‘AlphaOmeg’.

In a similar manner, one can find all possible such combinations using the Greek Alphabet. Using the above detailed constraint, one can find what this Constraint means, Normalized Primality wise. This can be found using author’s Recursive Finding The Equivalent For A Given Aspect Of Concern (At Any Given Level Of Least Count) Based On The Invariance Of ‘True Life’ Of The Given Aspect Of Concern (found using Universal S-Topology Transform) And Also Using The Notion Of Aspect Complementary To The Given Aspect, And Evolution Of The Aspect With Respect To It’s Complementary Aspect.

Also, one can note that, we can form bigger three letters, and/ or four letters, (and so on so forth to exhaustion) Intelligence, For Example, the one such as AlphaBetaDelta, which can be gotten by considering AlphaBeta as one Alphabet and Delta as the next.

Once, the above Intelligence is slated Normalized Primality Wise, one can find the Higher Order Intelligence(s) of the same, by just considering the consecutive cumulative addition of Orthogonal Primality to Orthogonal Primality to ……(say upto R orders) the considered Alphabet Intelligence Primality of concern. Furthermore, one can find similarly Higher Up Universes of Intelligence(s) using author’s concept of Tunneling the Primality Of Universes, Higher Up to a Given Primality.

The above Intelligence can be called as the Universal Word Intelligence, Universal Mathematical Cross Product Intelligence, Universal Quantization Restriction On Recursive Scale Shifting Process.



AlphaBeta  (Alpha = First 5 Letters, Beta = Next 4 Letters) once we arrange ALPHABET in a circular fashion.

Therefore, the next alphabets in line are Lph, Ab, E.

Using these above 5 constraints for alphabets, one can find what this Intelligence is Normalized Primality, wise. Also, we can use author’s concept of Recursive Solution Finding Scheme Based On Instantaneous R-Dimensional Causality Snap-Shot, for aiding our investigation.

Furthermore, one can use author’s ‘Fulfill Your Life-{Latest Versions, 5, 6 at www.vixra.org/author/ramesh_chandra_bagadi} to use the most crucial concept constraint of Word Intelligence, which states that Any Alphabet with Minimal Possible Recursiveness with respect to the Phonetic Quantization of the same, when slated in Samskrutam Language and reversed after Split Slating of Alphabets done at the level detailed in Lord Ramesh’s Universal English To Sanskrit Dictionarygives us the Causative meaning for the formation of the word, perception-wise. Furthermore, assuming that the Samskrutam Alphabets are in Correct Order, we can note that for any given Alphabet, the next Alphabet is the First Order Orthogonal Overgrowth of the given Alphabet of concern. Also, the Word Intelligence here, can be found by slating down the Primalities of each Alphabet and plotting them for each word, holistically. Also, one can Evolve the word ‘Shabdh’, ‘Shabdh(aha)’, ‘Shabdh(am)’ for Orthogonal Overgrowths and can also find similar such Topologically Super-Setting Primalities in the Higher Up Universes of the ‘Shabdh’ Primality, to desired and possibly Exhaustive levels. Also, one can use author’s Technical Meanings of English Alphabets for Slating Samskrutam Language Phonetics in English Language for Holistic Analysis. Furthermore, one can use author’s Universal Symbols Analysis concept to aid this investigation as well.

The author also feels that the above slated Word Intelligence is also the Recursion Scheme for Nuclear Fusion Intelligence. That is this is also the Image of the Star Intelligence.


One can note that for English Alphabets










and so on so forth. These constraints when considered Normalized Primality wise can be considered as the Evolution Scheme for the English Alphabet Universe. In a similar fashion, one can equivalently find the Greek Alphabet Universe.

One can always employ author’s concepts of ‘Primality Perfection System’, ‘Orthogonal Overgrowth Additions’, ‘Finding the Higher Up Universes To A given Aspect’, etc., generously at appropriate situations for better results.


0.Bagadi,R.(2016).TRL The Universal Recursive Access Technology Even Through Quantum Lenses. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM. Article number 671.


1.Bagadi,R.(2016).Recursive Calculation Of Elements Of Sequence Of Fractional Any Higher Order Primes Using Total Combinational Uncertainty. ISSN 1751-3030.PHILICA.COM Article number 653.



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Bagadi, R. (2016). TRL Universal Alphabets Based Word Intelligence. (Universal Engineering Series). ISSN 1751-3030. PHILICA.COM Article number 712.

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