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Sweeney, J. (2006). Qi Men Dun Jia Analysis of the Nicole Brown Simpson - Ronald Goldman Murders. PHILICA.COM Article number 61.

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Qi Men Dun Jia Analysis of the Nicole Brown Simpson - Ronald Goldman Murders

Jack Sweeneyconfirmed user (Foreign Affairs, Wuhan University of Technology)

Published in juris.philica.com

Qi Men Dun Jia is an ancient Chinese divination method that can be applied to helping solve crimes and locate missing persons. This article applies Qi Men Dun Jia analysis to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman on 12 June 1994 in Brentwood, California, USA. The conclusion is that Qi Men Dun Jia provides a wealth of indications that O.J. Simpson murdered his ex-wife and her friend.

Article body

Qi Men Dun Jia Analysis of the Nicole Brown Simpson and

Ronald Goldman Murders, 12 June 1994 By Jack Sweeney


O.J. Simpson continues to maintain publicly that he did not kill his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman on 12 June 1994 at 875 South Bundy Drive in Brentwood, a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles, California. Despite a criminal trial which found Mr. Simpson not guilty, and a civil trial which found him culpable, public opinion over the question of Simpson's guilt remains sharply divided over racial lines.

Most recently, Mr. Simpson has launched a failed public relations gambit to restore his public image with the help of a new book and a television program that failed to air on the Fox Television network, in the face of overwhelming public disapproval.

The not-guilty verdict issued by a Los Angeles jury was intended primarily as a verdict against the policing tactics employed by the Los Angeles Police Department against its own citizens, especially racial minorities. The jury essentially refused to answer the question of Simpson's guilt, leaving an open, festering wound in the public life of Los Angeles, California and the American public who waded through the intense media coverage of Simpson's legal ordeal of the 1990's.

Simpson's ability to move away from California and live a relatively comfortable retirement lifestyle in Florida removed the sting of his loss of the criminal suit against him. Moreover, Simpson's leisure retreat in Florida affords him a base from which to attempt to restore his public image and maintain his innocence. In similar fashion, former president Richard Nixon, ensconced in his San Clemente retreat, frequently resorted to re-invention of his public persona with his steadfast insistence of, "I am not a crook!"

The California justice system has failed to adequately mete out justice in the double murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. At the same time, Simpson's periodic attempts to clear his name obscure the events of that evening in June 1994. No other suspect has ever been named in the bloody double murders, and Simpson's wild stories about drug dealers are nothing more than specious canards intended to confuse the short of wit.

Qi Men Dun Jia

An ancient Chinese crime-solving method may shed some light on the actual events of the evening of 12 June 1994. Qi Men Dun Jia is a divination method that Chinese police today sometimes use to help solve difficult crimes. Examination of the quality of the time period when the murders are believed to have occurred may help clarify the question of Simpson's guilt.

Qi Men Dun Jia is based on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar of thirty days per month, as well as the traditional Chinese time-keeping scheme of twelve double-hours in one day, with each double hour the equivalent of two hours of modern time. Qi Men Dun Jia provides a snapshot, or diagram of each double hour in time, which is referred to as a "situation."

Analysis of the positions of the various symbols which make up the situation assist analysts in coming to conclusions about various events. The specific symbols analyzed for a given type of divination are referred to as "use spirits." In the case of homicides, specific use spirits govern analysis of the crime and may help point to suspects, motives and at times the location of dead bodies which remain missing.

For example, the symbol known as the "Tian Peng Star" generally represents a killer, while "Death Gate" generally represents a corpse. "White Tiger" and "Wound Gate" often represent police, while "Mystic Warfare" usually represents small-time criminals. "Flying Snake" represents a kidnapper, while the "Tian Zhu Star" generally indicates a dismal fate for a victim.

12 June 1994 Double Murder

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered within a fairly narrow time frame, according to widely publicized information from the Simpson trials. Most authorities and commentators agree that the murders took place between 21:00 and 22:00 Pacific Standard Time (US West Coast) on the evening of 12 June 1994, and that the murders took place just outside Brown Simpson's condominium.

By calculating a time difference of fifteen hours between Los Angeles and Beijing, we may infer that the murders took place between 14:00 and 15:00 on 13 June 1994, Beijing Time. The following is a Qi Men Dun Jia situation for the time period of 13:00 to 15:00:

Los Angeles lies 15 hours behind Beijing (in summer), so the murders took place between 9 - 11 p.m., meaning 1400 13 June 1994, Beijing Time.

RONALD LYLE GOLDMAN, July 2, 1968, no time, Chicago




Case Analysis


  • a) Kun Palace Two in the upper right holds a double symbol for White Tiger, the symbol of wild and vicious attacks. Not only does the White Tiger symbol appear here, but the two symbols of Xing Added to Yi further indicate the structured situation of "White Tiger Goes Wild." The fact that this occurs in Palace Two indicates that there are two murder victims here. The palace lies vacant, meaning a person is dead or a person flees. Simpson jumped on an airplane shortly after he killed Nicole and Ron Goldman. White Tiger Goes Wild signals a loss of females or a loss of family members.


  • b) Six Together represents marriage and falls into Li Palace Nine, with View Gate (Blood Brilliant) and the Tian Zhu Star, destroyer of armies. Bloody end of marital relations. Ren Added Ding shows an outcome that would prove positive for the male, O.J. Simpson, and negative for the female, Nicole Brown Simpson. This structured situation proves remarkably accurate when one takes into account the following phrases: "lawsuit reason twisted," and "aristocrat in haste." O.J. Simpson's criminal trial was nothing if not an exercise in bizarre legal twists. O.J. Simpson made countless television and magazine advertisements for the Hertz rental car company in which he bounded through airports, the most infamous "aristocrat in haste" of modern times.


  • c) The two symbols of Geng and Yi create what is called the Geng - Yi dynamic, which are relations between a married couple or a pair of lovers. Geng rides Kun Palace Two, with White Tiger and Death Gate, and Yi. Geng kills Yi, Simpson killed his ex-wife. Xing emphasizes the killer nature.


O.J. Simpson's Year Fate, Ding, falls into Zhen Palace Three with Flying Snake, Wound Gate and the Tian Ying Star, signaling kidnap or ambush, devious actions, with wounds and dying embers. Wound Gate further signals that Simpson drove a vehicle. Goldman's Year Fate, Wu, falls into the Earth Pan of the same palace, indicating a conflict between Simpson and Goldman over Nicole Brown Simpson.


  • d) Ronald Goldman's Year Fate falls into the Heaven Pan of Kan Palace One, with Rest Gate (he was off work) and Nine Heaven, symbol of the Buddhist Western Heaven, signifying his death, which is emphasized by the Tian Chong Star, swept away by events. Bing in the palace suggests that Goldman was the second man in the relationship between Simpson and his ex-wife.


  • e) The Hour Stem, Geng, Enters Grave, so the killer also Enters Grave, place of Death.


  • f) No Qi Men, Heaven's Net. These are dire symbols in Qi Men Dun Jia, "No Qi Men" is often seen in murder cases where there is no escape for the victims. Heaven's Net implies that there is no escape from the net cast by Heaven to trap killers.


  • g) Xun Palace Four has a Fuyin and a conflict between Geng and Yi in the Geng - Yi dynamic. Clumsy Gate, the Zhi Shi, indicates hiding, while the Tian Rui Star implies injury and bankruptcy. Not only did two people lose their lives that evening, but O.J. Simpson lost his personal fortune, with the sole exception of his football pension.


  • h) "Earth Punishment Mystic Warfare," Male-female illness reaches critical stage. This major structural situation includes the disasters of wounds and imprisonment. The dangerous dance that Simpson and his ex-wife had finally reached its climax with the bloody explosion of Simpson's jealous rage.



QMDJ clearly shows that O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson, and that outcome cannot be changed by a sympathetic jury. While third-rate police work and the reputation of the LAPD for abuse and corruption, as well as poor decisions made by the prosecution team, helped let Simpson off the hook for a horrendous double murder, there is no escape from Qi Men Dun Jia analysis.

During the particular double hour when this double murder took place, the probability of violent acts taking place greatly increased under the omen of the White Tiger. The White Tiger specifically indicates female victims, and Nicole Brown Simpson was a well-known mother to her two children as well as a daughter and sister. The location of this murder on the Qi Men Dun Jia map in Kun Palace Two correlates with two murder victims, and this lends validity to the remainder of the analysis.

The vacant palace indicates the victims, as well as O.J. Simpson in flight. Not only did Simpson catch a red-eye flight to Chicago immediately after the murders, he tried to evade police in his famous "suicidal" sojourn around the Los Angeles freeway system in a Ford Bronco driven by his buddy, Al Cowlings.

Simpson's murder of his ex-wife and her lover marked the final act in their Hollywood marriage, ending a long tale of jealousy and domestic violence. The end of the marriage is accurately reflected in the Six Together symbol. The Tian Zhu Star (Heavenly Pillar Star) signals the end of something, while View Gate is often interpreted to mean a bloody, violent incident. Thus, the Simpson-Brown marriage met a bloody and violent end during that double-hour.

The structured situation of Ren Added Ding with the related "aristocrat in haste" confirms the uncanny accuracy of Qi Men Dun Jia at certain times. Simpson's third career as a B-movie actor arose from his second career as a spokesman for the Hertz car rental company. During the 1970's, Simpson appeared in countless television, newspaper and magazine advertisements, showing off his linebacker skills as he made his way through airports, forever in a hurry to catch the next plane.

After butchering his ex-wife and her lover, Simpson conducted a similar sort of hurried acrobatics as he fled the murder scene and scrambled back to his Rockingham mansion, in time to catch a limousine ride to Los Angeles International Airport, in time to catch a red-eye flight to New York City for an appearance on Monday morning. The "aristocrat in haste" was attempting to establish an alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the double murder.

The Geng - Yi dynamic in this situation emphasizes the complete breakdown of relations between Simpson and his ex-wife. In Qi Men Dun Jia, two symbols in a palace together often symbolize conflict between the persons represented by the symbols. Geng and Yi fall into the Earth Pan of Kun Palace Two, with Death Gate, White Tiger Goes Wild and White Tiger. The symbolic meaning is unmistakable. Geng and Yi fall into the Heaven Pan of Xun Palace Four, with Clumsy Gate, which indicates Simpson hiding in ambush, with the evil and sinister character of Tai Yin. The Tian Rui Star symbolizes wounds, again reinforcing the notion of Simpson savaging his ex-wife. Her Year Fate, Ji, falls into the Earth Pan of the palace, indicating her presence in this final conflict.

The tell-tale point in this analysis is the presence of O.J. Simpson's Year Fate, Ding, in Zhen Palace Three with the sinister Flying Snake and Wound Gate. Flying Snake generally represents kidnappers, and may symbolize those with sinister and criminal motives. Wound Gate speaks for itself, a fitting description for the bloody walkway at 875 South Bundy Drive, where Simpson tucked the feet of his ex-wife under her front gate, either before or after slashing her neck. The Tian Ying Star carries the meaning of dying embers, signaling the end of two young lives.

Ronald Goldman's Year Fate, Wu, falls into the Earth Pan of Zhen Palace Three, indicating his presence at the crime scene. Wu in the Heaven Pan of Kan Palace One provides a key insight into this double murder. Wu Added Bing means that a certain event promises to bring great good fortune, yet if the event meets suppression, then the event will take on funereal tones, where auspicious events turn evil. Goldman went to Brown-Simpson's home to have sex with her, a step up in the world for the waiter who wanted to climb higher in the social circles of West Los Angeles. The suppression wielded by Simpson's knife literally sent Goldman to his grave.

This Qi Men Dun Jia situation contains additional factors that point to the extremely dangerous quality of time during this particular double-hour, which occurs four times each year. "No Qi Men" is often seen in murder cases, meaning that the victim has no avenue of escape. The Date Stem "Enters Grave," a further dire negative with more negative consequences. "Heaven's Net" in Qi Men Dun Jia parlance indicates that the suspect also has no avenue of escape. Try as he might, O.J. Simpson will never escape the negative public opinion lodged against him since his infamous suicidal journey down the freeways of Los Angeles.

The structured situation of Ji Added Gui in Gen Palace Eight carries the meanings of "Earth Punishment Mystic Warfare," "Male-female illness reaches critical stage, wounds, lawsuit includes prison, jail disaster." At the same time, Nicole Brown Simpson's Year Fate, Ji, falls into Gen Palace Eight, placing her in the center of the disaster. Brown Simpson suffered fatal wounds to her neck (indicated by the Zhi Fu, which symbolizes the head). O.J. Simpson underwent a criminal trial and a civil trial for the murder of his ex-wife, and narrowly escaped a prison sentence, but for the saving grace of a sympathetic jury. The relationship between Simpson and his ex-wife reached its climax when he nearly severed her head in a fit of jealous passion.


Qi Men Dun Jia by no means may serve as a substitute for the legal system of any nation. Nor could an analysis similar to that presented here serve as evidence in a western court of law. The best that Qi Men Dun Jia can offer to law enforcement and the judicial system is reference information, especially in difficult cases where evidence falls short.

The analysis presented here clearly points to a scenario where O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and her would - be lover, Ronald Goldman, on the front steps of her condominium in Brentwood, California, somewhere between 21:00 and 23:00 on 12 June 2004. The map of reality created by Qi Men Dun Jia leads to no other conclusion than the absolute breakdown of marital relations and an incident of extreme violence that left two people dead. Inferences drawn from that map of reality clearly support the scenario painted above and are consonant with conclusions reached during Simpson's civil trial for this double murder.

Jack Sweeney is a former librarian and police reporter for The Outlook newspaper, formerly of Santa Monica, California. The Outlook was the first daily newspaper to publish the story of the Simpson - Brown / Goldman double murder, which took place within the newspaper's coverage area. Judge Lance Ito assigned a press seat to The Outlook in his Santa Monica courtroom.

The author researches, consults and teaches Qi Men Dun Jia online. This article is a revised chapter of his book, "Qi Men Dun Jia: Missing Persons and Criminal Investigations."

Qi Men Dun Jia Symbols and Palaces

in their "Home" Positions




Xun Palace 4




Tian Fu Star


Clumsy Gate

Li Palace 9




Tian Ying Star


View Gate

Kun Palace Two




Tian Rui Star


Death Gate

Zhen Palace 3




Tian Chong Star


Wound Gate

Centre Palace 5


"rides" Palace 2




Tian Qin Star

Dui Palace 7


Metal West

Tian Zhu Star



Fear Gate

Gen Palace 8




Tian Ren Star


Birth Gate

Kan Palace 1




Teng Peng Star


Rest Gate

Qian Palace 6




Tian Xin Star


Open Gate


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1 Peer review [reviewer #7116confirmed user] added 26th November, 2006 at 17:54:13

I can think of several objections to this methodology, but I imagine that they will be raised by other reviewers. I would like to focus on one in particular:

Chinese horology does not contain time zones. China itself spans five time zones, but only recognizes one. A crime committed in Kashi is four hours “off” Beijing in the international view, but would not be converted to Beijing time in QMDJ, because the informtion is already recorded in Beijing time. (Or, more accurately, both places use Chengdu time). Why, then, should we convert LA time to Beijing time? Wouldn’t it be more sensible, for QMDJ purposes, to apply the Chinese system to the whole globe, since it is already being applied to more than 20% of latitude?

Originality: 5, Importance: 1, Overall quality: 3

2 Peer review [reviewer #2144unconfirmed user] added 27th November, 2006 at 03:50:07

I am heartened that a Westerner is so interested in Chinese culture, but then again I must point out that even Chinese nowadays regard such horoscopy to be superstition.

However, applying the principles to a modern context is rather original, and that deserves some credit for originality.

Originality: 5, Importance: 3, Overall quality: 3

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