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Paul, A. (2016). What Cosmetology Courses can Teach the Students?. PHILICA.COM Article number 562.

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What Cosmetology Courses can Teach the Students?

Ajay Paulunconfirmed user (Jadavpur University)

Published in edu.philica.com

Cosmetology courses are widely popular vocational courses among the students who are wishing for a career in the fashion and aesthetics industry. This article discusses various areas of study which students can master from these courses.

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If you are planning to get into the beauty industry, then it is important to undertake cosmetology and beauty courses to achieve your objectives. There are  many subjects  that this vast industry encompasses.  Enrolling for the courses are also ideal to become certified and licensed. It is vital to get admitted into a reputable beauty academy to learn about the various cosmetic products and beauty techniques. But now-a-days beauty schools provide training to the students on a wide gamut of topics in a single comprehensive program. Some of them are as follows.

Skin and hair treatments

What not pupils can learn in a beauty school? Right from spa body massages, electrolysis, to makeup application and hair coloring everything is covered in Diploma in Cosmetology. Candidates will also come to know about skin and hair theory, human anatomy, nutrition for hair and skin, hair styling and coloring, hair trichology, shampooing and deep conditioning, Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, scalp disorders, aromatherapy, facial treatments etc.

The practical classes focus on appropriate use of scissors, razors, blow hair dryers and application of other beauty equipment.

Client dealing skills

Apart from the beauty treatments the advanced cosmetology courses will also teach the students methods to deal with the customers and address their hair and skin issues. There  are special classes on grooming including soft skills, developing interpersonal communication skills, attractive personality and having a polite behavior. Since the beauty and cosmetology is customer-centric, client dealing is extremely important for the beauty professionals. It will build customer loyalty and drive them to visit a particular salon or parlor again and again.

Hygiene and safety of the beauty products

Cleanliness is an important aspect in the beauty industry and the goodwill of a parlor or salon depends very much on it. A tidy looking parlor will definitely grab the attention of the customers.

Safety and contraindications of various cosmetic products are also important to learn for a beauty professional. The cosmetology courses will give the learners exclusive knowledge on  using the products in right quantities so that the clients can get effective results from the hair and skin treatments. In spa and aromatherapy treatments, safety is extremely vital and the students will learn about diluting the essential aromatic oils for effectiveness, maintaining their dosage before use etc.

Marketing skills

A Diploma in Cosmetology will include modules on marketing skills including selling of the beauty products and earning commissions,  self-promotional strategies by means of word-of-mouth publicity and social networking sites.

Salon management

Salon and spa management is a vital module of the advanced cosmetology programs. It intends to teach the pupils about various aspects of managing a spa, recruiting and training beauty personnel, increasing salon turnovers, looking after finance and accounts.

Pupils who choose cosmetology education have a chance to prosper in their career with plenty of job opportunities. There are numerous high-tech spas and parlors  ready to grab talented beauty professionals. Pupils who have an entrepreneurial spirit can inaugurate their own parlors or simply work as a freelancer. A cosmetology course will prepare the students perfectly and help them in their endeavor to become a world-class cosmetologist.

For more information please visit www.drpaulsinstitute.com/courses/diploma-courses/diploma-in-cosmetology/

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