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Paul, A. (2015). Effective  Beauty Treatments in A Skin Basics Program. PHILICA.COM Article number 545.

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Effective Beauty Treatments in A Skin Basics Program

Ajay Paulunconfirmed user (Jadavpur University)

Published in edu.philica.com

If you want to become a top-notch beautician or skincare expert, then undertaking a Skin Basics Course in Kolkata is mandatory. It will polish you and hone your skills with the right training to meet the demands of the beauty industry.

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“A Man Without Education is like a Building Without Foundation”. So if you want to become a beautician and skincare expert, embarking on a fundamental skin rejuvenation program is mandatory. It will build a solid base for a scintillating career in the beauty industry. Morover it will teach you to be gentle on the skin of the clients by using the right cosmetic products, maintaining skin health and preventing early aging of the skin.

A basic skin course will make you familiar with the various deep cleansing, exfoliation,  moisturizing, mask application and body massage techniques and products. It will acquaint you with the skin care and makeup products that you should use after analyzing the skin type of an individual. This includes normal, dry, sensitive, oily and combination skin. A Skin Basics Course in Kolkata also encompass special classes on different kinds of facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, dermal fillers and other skin rejuvenation treatments.

Students can get extensive knowledge  in the  beauty school  from classroom lectures, text book studies, hands-on sessions, and workshops. There are special live demo classes imparted by the expert mentors which gives practical education to the pupils on chocolate facials, fruit facials, aroma facials, gold facials etc.

New modules are getting introduced into a fundamental skincare course such as biology of aging, skin and nutrition, skin types and conditions, safety and contraindications, treating problematic skin like acne, irritations, pigmentation spots and allergies. The skin and nutrition module is the latest one which gives the students lessons on how skin health and nutrition go hand in hand and which foods are good enough to keep the skin in top condition. It also teaches the role of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and how effective they are in keeping the skin healthy.

The biology of aging encompasses a wide gamut of topics such as mechanisms of aging, effects of free radicals on the skin, causes of skin inflammation, DNA damage and repair of the skin, Ultraviolet radiation skin  tanning and damage etc.

A Skin Basics Course in Kolkata is a lucrative course to undertake as the demand of beauty professionals has increased by leaps and bounds. This is because everyone wants to have a flawless skin for parties and events. Brides and bridegrooms also want to look special on their special day. Those individuals who have a problematic skin rely on the beauty experts or visit the parlors or spas for  skin and beauty treatments. After completing  the course, studnents can find well paid jobs in the beauty sector including that of hi-tech parlors and spas where they will provide customized beauty treatments to the clients. They will  also be able to provide expert advice to them regarding various skin isuues such as acne, blemishes, sun tan , wrinkles, age spots etc.

To sum up, by undertaking a fundamental skin course in a reputed beauty school you can give your career a new dimension. After finishing your 10+2 or graduation, this course will pave the way for a wonderful career with immense potentialities and  awesome earning opportunities.

For more information please visit www.drpaulsinstitute.com/courses/certificate-courses/certificate-of-skin/

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