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Owenby, B. (2015). Virgin Media Customer Service Guide. PHILICA.COM Article number 529.

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Virgin Media Customer Service Guide

Bruno Owenbyunconfirmed user (London Metropolitan University)

Published in socio.philica.com

Virgin Media have grown rapidly over the last five or six years, going from a pay TV also-ran to one of the biggest combined media companies in the UK.

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Virgin Media have grown rapidly over the last five or six years, going from a pay TV also-ran to one of the biggest combined media companies in the UK. With over 4.8 million broadband customers, 3.8 million TV customer, 4.1 million home phone customers and over 3 million mobile customers, their clout simply cannot be ignored.
With so many services and so many customers, you might figure that Virgin Media handle their fair share of customer service complaints, and you wouldn’t be wrong there, as Virgin Media are constantly dealing with one issue or another.

Customer complaint record

Indeed, recent numbers published by Ofcom show that whilst Virgin Media was consistently below the industry average for landline telephone, broadband and pay-monthly mobile phone services, the fact that Virgin Media operate in all of these areas mean that their phone lines remain consistently busy.

Those same numbers also indicate that when it comes to pay TV, Virgin Media consistently hover over the industry average, although they don’t fare nearly as badly as BT and TalkTalk, whose complaints dwarf those of Virgin Media.

Virgin Media’s call centres

If you’re one of those customers who’s found reason to complaint to Virgin Media, then you’ll want to do it over the telephone. Unfortunately, when you do that, it’s something of a lottery as to whether you’ll end up using a UK call centre.

Unlike Vodafone, who vowed alongside EE, O2 and Three to move 1,000 jobs back to the UK after market research revealed that their customers disliked the use of overseas call centres, Virgin Media still retain their foreign call centres. As such, the best thing you can do as a Virgin customer is try to find a number for a UK call centre, although a little research will reveal that only their retentions line is operated from England. Alternatively, you can email them to get your issue sorted, though the email service tends to be very slow.

Virgin Media’s ‘data pimping’ controversy

Virgin Media might well get lower than normal levels of complaints, but they’ve come under significant fire in the past, particularly in regards to the so-called ‘data pimping’ scandal of 2008. It had been revealed that the broadband arm of Virgin Media had entered into a contract with Phorm, a company which specialised in spyware which intercepted and analysed users click streams. This meant that Virgin had been receiving information on the browsing habits of customers. Though they claimed this data was anonymised, the fact it was being sold on was seen as great abuse of customer’s rights and saw a spike in complaints to Virgin Media.

What is the best way to contact Virgin Media?

As always, the fastest way to get in touch with Virgin Media is through their Virgin Media telephone number. Although the Internet has let us send messages faster than ever before, there’s just no replacement for getting on the phone and speaking to somebody directly. As such, we’d recommend using their phone lines, which are open from 8am to midnight every day of the week. 

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