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Sean Curley, S. (2015). How to Choose the Best Van for Hire?. PHILICA.COM Article number 503.

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How to Choose the Best Van for Hire?

Sean Curley Sean Curleyunconfirmed user (Dublin City University)

Published in transpo.philica.com

When you are in another unknown country you need to rent good vehicles in the form of vans and cabs for smooth traveling from one place to another.

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When you are in another unknown country you need to rent good vehicles in the form of vans and cabs for smooth traveling from one place to another. Whether it is an exhilarating personal outing with a family or a fun trip with friends or a business trip hiring a cozy van can make all the difference. Hiring the correct van can also save lots of money. Here’s how you can select the best unit.
Look at the capacity or size of the van: At first find out how many people the van can accommodate as different vans have different accommodation capacities. If you are travelling with many people you need a spacious unit while if you wish to have all the modern amenities like that of radios, air conditioners, electric windows,  GPS in the vehicle then you should opt for a luxurious one. Many van renting companies are coming up with bio blend diesel vehicles which are more eco -friendly and create less pollution. If you specify your needs then you can find the most perfect van for renting.

Consider which brand you want: Tastes and brand matters a lot so you require deciding van from which brand you will prefer. Is it Mercedes, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, or Volkswagen?

Budget: Budget will also play a crucial role when it comes to hiring a van. For saving bucks do not hire a van from or near an airport.  However, by leasing from off-site through your hotel can help you to stay away from airport charges.

Go for a test drive: Opt for a test drive to find out how comfortable the unit is. It will also facilitate you to find how the whole machine is functioning and how the gears and equipments are operating. Driving a van is certainly not similar to driving a private car. It will also help you to assess the condition of the entire car. Check the petrol, tyres, engine etc. Certainly you will not want to lease a van which has been damaged before use. If you observe any issues with the van to be rented then simply avoid it and opt for a van from another van renting company.

Determine for what purpose you need the van: You need to understand your requirements perfectly to book the most perfect unit. For instance, if you are shifting from one place to another you require a lot of space inside the van to accommodate all your possessions. You can find a plethora of companies offering van hire Ireland. Good and reliable companies offer large vans with plenty of space within to accommodate various large sized belongings.

Company matters: You need to find a van hire cork that offers the following facilities:

• Accidental damage and Insurance coverage

• No burden of hidden costs or extra fuel charges

• No constraint on distance

• Repairing services on breakdowns

• Great mileage

• Offers attractive coupons and discounts to the passengers

You need to do a bit of research online. Read the feedback and testimonials of the customers before finalizing your deal with a van hiring company.

So, follow these suggestions and get the most perfect and best van for rent both for private as well as corporate purposes.

For more information please visit http://www.vanhireireland.ie/van-hire-cork

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