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Sean Curley, S. (2015). How Important is Rental Van Insurance?. PHILICA.COM Article number 478.

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How Important is Rental Van Insurance?

Sean Curley Sean Curleyunconfirmed user (Dublin City University)

Published in transpo.philica.com

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Insurance of the rental van is generally a photocopy of the insurance that most of us possess. The different van rental companies prefer to hide the importance of having the insurance. If truth be told, countries like Delaware and Ohio have promulgated laws asserting that the companies will not make their customers aware of the significance of getting an insurance for the renting. However, a lot of instances pointed out the fact that to play safe, getting the van rental insurance is crucial.

The Reality

The comprehensive and collision policy insurance assures the coverage for accidents, theft, medical expenses, death and other such kind of liabilities. Ask your renting company to issue such an insurance so that you can also avail its advantages in times of need.

The van hire Cork companies are well-known for issuing the van insurance without cutting much red-tapes. So, it’s better to hire a van from these companies in Cork.


Rental van insurance is regarded as the waiver of damage caused due to collision. This insurance incorporates every dent done to the van while you are owning it. It also helps you in case your car gets stolen. Further insurance choices comprise insurance for personal mishap (pays expenses related to the medicines and death benefits), additional insurance for other obligations and coverage for personal possessions.

However, you have to choose the best company for van hire Cork, which you can do if you properly browse different websites related to van hiring. You can also seek references from your close ones, as the company they will recommend you will be genuine.

Views of the experts

As per the statement of Insurance Information Institute or III, many a times the collision damage waivers work like a real liability waivers and not as any insurance. Actually, it is just like any other agreement between your van hiring company and you which says that you will not be blamed in case the hired van gets stolen or damaged.

Preventive measures

After chalking out your trip plan, do a lot of research on the insurance. To get help in this matter, you can contact your selected van hiring company to know what their insurance is going to cover. Make a comparison of the costs and facilities of the insurance they are going to give. This comparison should be calculated on the basis of the range of insurance coverage and the waiver type required to make your trip successful.

Important consideration

You should know how much amount is getting deducted from your insurance coverage each time you claim for it. There are some van hiring companies where the deductible amount is as much as $1000. So, you have to find out which company is ready to give you the hiring insurance with low deductible policy. Therefore, feel free to ask your hiring company any questions related to it before you hire your desired van from them.

As getting the rental van insurance is vital, do not take any decision in haste. Get your van insurance and enjoy its benefits.

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