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Kratom, F. (2015). Reasons to Use Red Vein Kratom Powder. PHILICA.COM Article number 470.

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Reasons to Use Red Vein Kratom Powder

Fengshui Kratomunconfirmed user (Florida Atlantic University)

Published in medi.philica.com

Feng Shui Kratom™ provides the finest kratom - natural relief for stress, pain & opiate withdrawals.

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The production of Red Vein strain of Kratom is exclusively done in Thailand. The alkaloid mitragynine is the major constituent of this Kratom type, that is very much associated with the other derivatives of psychedelic indole, like the N, N-DMT, the derivatives of the ergot, and the fungal medicines psilocybin. This Red Thai or Red Vein is well-known for creating a euphoric effect, works as an analgesic and promotes the energy of a person. It is the most sedative strain and generally available in the form of powder. The main reason which accounts for the potentiality and popularity of red vein leaf is the presence of the high quantity of 7-hydroxymitragynine — while Kratom white veins are mainly composed of mitragynine, green veins are a blend of the two levels of alkaloids that are present both in Red Vein as well as White Vein.

Characteristics of Red Vein

The common feature of all the products manufactured from Red Vein Kratom is that they are obtained  from the trees whose veins and stems are red in color.Different chemicals present in this medicinal tree gives the central veins of the leaf its color. These features depend on the genes and the type of the tree to which that particular leaf comes from. Many farmers have found that that the trees having red veins look as if they are more hard-wearing and perfectly fit into the climate of Southeast Aia and its nearby areas leading to a higher production.

Why Red Vein Kratom is the best?

The products Thai Red Vein Kratom seems to be the most used variants across the world, and it is followed by Bali Red Vein.  Both of these types have the same effects on the body and mind with the one exception - Bali Red Vein produces a stronger effect of sedation and Red Thai excites more, especially if you are taking it in smaller quantity. Unlike Bali Red Vein, the effect of Thai Red Vein lasts for a longer period. But Bali Red Vein stands out when it is used as a painkiller. Both of them are excellent opiate alternatives and are used to eliminate depression and anxiety. Intake of Red Vein Bali sometimes results into  nausea whereas there is no such problem with Red Vein Thai. Apart from these, its consumption also improves an individual’s health in the following ways:

• Fights against cancer

• Boost the immunity of the body

• Acts as an antioxidant

• Controls the blood pressure

According to the rule, the experience one enjoys after taking Red Vein Kratom, however, is divided into various zones of the time. First of all, it will generate a more elevating effect, to later stir to a much damping action mode.

Novices should take lower dosages of Red Vein strains because if you take higher dosages at the initial stage, your body will quickly become tolerant to it. As this strain will surely produce the effect, it is better to consult your physician and search more about it before you take your final decision.

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