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Kratom, F. (2015). Five Easy Ways of Taking Kratom. PHILICA.COM Article number 469.

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Five Easy Ways of Taking Kratom

Fengshui Kratomunconfirmed user (Florida Atlantic University)

Published in medi.philica.com

Feng Shui Kratom™ provides the finest kratom - natural relief for stress, pain & opiate withdrawals.

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In present days, enthusiasts of Kratom have experimented with numerous innovative methods to ingest its powdered, dried forms. Whereas in traditional consumption, people chewed fresh leaves, now a number of ways have developed making its intake much easier and safer for its users.

In this article, we will explore usual and unusual ways in which the powders of this medicinal plant are used.

• Taking in form of juices: - Fruit juices with high contents of acid such as lemon or lime juice produce faster and stronger effects. The alkaloids of Kratom are probably associated with these effects. These alkaloids get dissolved easily in particular acids to increase the metabolic rates. The capsules of Vitamin C can also be utilized to serve the same purpose. Stir the powder for few minutes to mix it with the juice completely. Initially, it's safer to take 5-6 grams of the powder because of its tough potentiality. Later, the person can increase the amount as per his requirements.

• Munching the dried leaves: - As, it is already mentioned, one can munch the dried leaves directly too. Although the munching of the dried leaves may result into illness because of its toughness and has extremely bitter taste. To get noticeable effect, you have to chew the dried leaves in large quantity. Munching of 20-30 dried leaves daily only will be able to bring out some positive change.

• Blending with liquor: - The alkaloids of Kratom are soluble in liquors, hence after getting soaked in strong drink, the healing properties gets boosted. You can use whiskey, vodka or rum to mix its powder. Like tea, leaves are strung out and to make it taste better, sometimes it is mixed with sweeteners or spices.

• Use it in tea: - Boil the dried foliage in water for a few minutes. The boiled down water gives birth to new boil using the same boiled leaves. Mixing lemon or lime with water beforehand will help to extract the juices from the boiled leaves better.

• In cookies and curries: - According to some of the users, you can also utilize this herb for making cookies and curries. Use Kratom with seasoned hot food to curb its bitter taste to some extent. You can also make use of it in baking cooking, though the warming up of the powder ad leaves might act upon your snack’s function.

Use the best leaves and powder of this plant to handle it in a better way. Always buy the extracts from a trustworthy source. Among the given tips, pick anyone and take it regularly to keep away the diseases at a bay.

For more information please visit http://www.fengshuikratom.com

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