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Bowen, M. (2015). Leatherman Tools – Workmen's Pride. PHILICA.COM Article number 466.

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Leatherman Tools – Workmen’s Pride

Michael Bowenunconfirmed user (All Hallows College)

Published in inter.philica.com

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Leatherman Tool Group Inc started their entrepreneurial adventure in cutlery market in 1983. They started with the PST or Pocket Survival Tool that became an instant hit with the customers. The first tool from the brand was designed by Tim Leatherman who was a mechanical engineer and also the owner of the company.

Tools on Offer by Leatherman

The brand offers an amazing range of mid-priced tools. Let us now take a quick look at the Leatherman tools currently available at different outlets throughout the world.

Juice Inferno
Squirt ES4 Blue
Squirt ES4 Red
Squirt PS4 Black
Juice XE6 Storm Grey 7
Juice Thunder (Purple) XE6
Juice Glacier (Blue) CS4

From the above list, one can easily understand that Leatherman tools find extensive use in our day-to-day life. The brand is quite finical about maintaining quality and arguably the leading name in the industry. The company offers free delivery for the customers of Ireland if they make a purchase in excess of €69.The first launch from Leatherman – PST – was a hybrid of a pair of pliers and camping knife. Such tools are very helpful while completing a quick repairing work at home. Doing things on your own will take a little effort on your end but will effectively save expenses at the same time. Initially, PSTs arrived via mail order sales in some special magazines but were soon made available at the retail stores.Why Leatherman?
The brand has carved a niche for themselves in the industry and is adding to its existing packs of tools at a rapid pace. Accessories manufactured by Leatherman are now sold in over 80 countries. The brand swears by good quality and their innovative products are far different from the run of the mills both in design as well as sturdiness. Despite their light weight, these tools deliver excellent performance and furthermore, come at a very reasonable price range.

There are several companies in the market of tools manufacturing. However, Leatherman is not only a name among them; it is a leader and an established brand widely recognized and revered. They are known for their wider collection and quality. With cutting-edge technology employed in manufacturing process, Leatherman tools are very much durable. They can serve almost you throughout your lifetime.

In consideration of quality, it can be said without any doubt that these tools come at a very competent price.

Little about Leatherman Toolkits

Leatherman Blast is a favorite with the customers and features needle-nose, a carbon steel clip point knife apart from wire cutters, regular pliers and many more.  The Blast also includes Zytel comfort grip inserts to ensure firm and more comfortable grip on the accessory.

Leatherman Crunch is a tool used for multiple purposes. This tool is fitted with vice-grip pliers and built-in hex bit adapter. Crunch is a very good addition to the toolkits of an electrician, plumber and even home handyman. Leatherman accessories are so superb in performance that spending on them would be a wise decision for the DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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