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Kratom, F. (2014). Kratom Extract – Some Most Common Misconceptions. PHILICA.COM Article number 432.

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Kratom Extract – Some Most Common Misconceptions

Fengshui Kratomunconfirmed user (Florida Atlantic University)

Published in medi.philica.com

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Amidst recent and growing concerns over synthetic drugs, natural and organic products have also been brought under scrutiny. This is the scenario where a lot of misconceptions are doing round in regards to the natural products and one of them is kratom. It is an herbal plant and widely used for its several medicinal benefits.

In order to differentiate between kratom and other harmful substances, it is important to know how to identify the plant. Many misleading information regarding kratom usage are easily available online but that are far from truth and have even proved false. Despite spawning a host of benefits, kratom extract must not be used without prior consultation with a medical expert; otherwise it could be detrimental to your physical and even mental health.Kratom is scientifically known as mitragyna speciosa. This herb grows in some particular regions of Asia and has been integral to Eastern medicine. Kratom leaves have sedative effects among other benefits and so are extensively used to relieve pain. The herb is also used to enhance energy and quite popular for helping in heroine withdrawals. It does not produce adverse side effects, which is an added advantage of kratom use.Common Misconceptions about Kratom
Kratom is, more than often, wrongly represented in media owing to outlets that sell the product in different forms. Kratom is sold at shops that also deal in spices, bath salts as well as several synthetic drugs. It leads to a common myth that kratom is also a synthetic drug despite its being widely touted as a natural product.

Another reason for the misconception that kratom is a synthetic substance is based on the places where the plant is originally sold. Kratom is a naturally growing plant and finds a wider use in ancient medicine. If taken under the advice of a medical practitioner, it is an extremely effective tool to cure opiate addiction, give relief from pain and also step up energy level.

Kratom also helps the users overcome mental stress, depression and even negative thoughts.

Misconception about Kratom Abuse

Another common misconception about kratom is it is an abused substance whereas the reality is completely different. Kratom extract never causes euphoria or any feeling of lethargy, which is very common to certain drugs. According to studies, there has been no report of serious health hazards following consumption of kratom.

Addictive Quality Misconceptions

Kratom plants contain alkaloids. As a result, it is commonly believed that kratom produces an effect that is akin to what one feels after opiate consumption. It begets a common delusion that kratom has addictive qualities and even may pose serious health risk. The fact is kratom is as harmful as any popular beverage like coffee.

Despite the fact that some users get addicted to drinking a special kind of tea made from kratom, this herbal plant cannot be bracketed with illegal drugs. Taking kratom even regularly does not lead to any traditional kind of addiction. Even overdose of kratom will not result into criminal behaviors. A drink made from kratom leaves will only lead to energy boost-up and help people fight depression

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