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Kratom, F. (2014). Significance of Using Kratom Leaves in Heroine Withdrawals. PHILICA.COM Article number 431.

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Significance of Using Kratom Leaves in Heroine Withdrawals

Fengshui Kratomunconfirmed user (Florida Atlantic University)

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Feng Shui Kratom – Natural relaxation pills, capsules, and powder.

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It is most shocking for someone to discover that his/her close one is addicted to drugs – that are infamously known as heroin. It is quite natural for them to get angry, disappointed, confused and they fail to understand how to deal with the problem. And they discover – to their dismay – that their loved ones have been taking heroines at home…just under their nose and they were completely unaware of that.

Most of them start rebuking and even resort to physical assaults as they think it will force the addicted to give up bad habit. However, it is not as easy as they think. heroine withdrawls are very painful and take a lot of time depending on how long the person in question is addicted to this habit.Kratom & Drug WithdrawalKratom is a deserving mention when it comes to withdrawal of opium. Regular and prescribed intake of Kratom is a natural way to help the addicted to quit heroine use. In fact, this plant is widely used for treatment of opium addiction. Kratom, which is scientifically named as Mitragyna speciosa, is a medicinal plant offering plenty of benefits to the users.
This plant belongs to the family of Rubiaceae, plenty of which is abundant in southeast part of Asia, including Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The tree has ovate-acuminate-shaped and dark green leaves. The flowers have globular cluster shape and yellow colour. A kratom tree is usually 12-30ft in height and only 15ft in width.

How is kratom used to treat drug addicted?

Studies have established the fact that Kratom is very much effective in cases of heroine withdrawals. Kratom is highly cross-tolerant to opiates and so finds a wider use for detox treatment almost throughout the world, particularly in New Zealand. Kratom is given to opium-addicted people for a stretch of six weeks and as a result, syndromes of heroine withdrawals clearly manifest themselves. Over this time period, initial dosage of kratom is gradually reduced.

Other uses of kratom

Benefits of kratom use are not restricted to opium withdrawal only. Regular use of kratom leaves makes you feel more energetic and enable you to perform more work ever than before. Kratom also changes a person from inner within. It works towards improving one’s persona. In fact, a remarkable change won’t evade your attention. You will start talking more and socializing with people.

However, kratom also leaves a sedative effect on users if they take a high dose of it. Take 21-50 gms of Kratom leaves and you will appear abnormally calm and even start daydreaming.

Words of Caution

Keeping in mind that higher dose of kratom could leave a negative impact on your health and personality; you should take it only under strict supervision of a medical expert. Regular intake will be highly effective for heroine withdrawals but you may get addicted to kratom in this process. However, this addiction is not as severe as drug addiction and dose of kratom is also significantly reduced towards the end of six-week period.

Whatever purpose you are using this herbal plant for, make sure to consult a medical practitioner and take the dose as prescribed by him. For more information please visit http://www.fengshuikratom.com

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