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Lawson, P. (2006). LIGHT SPHERE (BASED ON THE LIGHT CONE). PHILICA.COM Article number 42.

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Philip J. Lawsonconfirmed user (Croydon College)

Published in physic.philica.com

The purpose of this article is to show the relationship between space and time post 1905 using a sphere to simply illustrate relativity in an easy to visualize, 3D figure.

Prior to 1905 space and time were considered independent quantities. Einstein considered the case where the space between objects related only by an electromagnetic wave or particle continuum which is usually defined as a light wave.

Future articles on the “Light Sphere” will show other aspects of this spacetime model.

Article body

Using the Minkowski flat space metric (timelike configuration)

and the equation for the spacetime point

for a light cone type of visualization in which (S = 0)

the equation becomes

which becomes the sphere with radius cdt

using the Minkowski metric for positive flat space

the dx, dy, dz coordinates are based on a center

(0,0,0) time t after an electromagnetic event at (0,0,0)

the SPACETIME coordinate becomes (0,0,0,t)

In order to generate an easy to visualize image

I suggest a (LIGHT) sphere surface radiating from the

Event location at the velocity c (speed of light in a vacuum).

Note that AB must be reversed to conform with the original metric

This demonstrates that the time function is zero at the surface of the sphere and has a positive value at the electromagnetic event location

This figure shows that the spacetime inside the sphere represents the PAST, the surface represents the PRESENT (t=0), and the FUTURE is the space outside the light sphere.

The surface of the light sphere represents the cone center (t=0) for the light cone (where the past and the future cones meet).


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Lawson, P. (2006). LIGHT SPHERE (BASED ON THE LIGHT CONE). PHILICA.COM Article number 42.

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1 Author comment added 26th October, 2006 at 15:40:49

This is the first of a series of articles explaining the possible use of the “Light Sphere” LS as a direct relatioship between the “Time Line” and the “Light Cone” LC

The LS defines the LC in terms of a single point in spacetine as defined by the EVENT location (the basis of SPECIAL RELATIVITY). The event locked in space and time as dependant variables giving rise to the concept of SPACETIME as a fundamental entity from which space and time became no longer the separate variables condidered to be independant quantities using the human mind and its natural tendency to separate SPACE and TIME as totally independant variables.

SPACETIME became the mechanism which allowed MASS and ENERGY to be also re-defined as quanities which could not be separated as preferred by human observation.

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