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Bruce, L. (2017). 5 Things You Need to Do for Effective Video Marketing. PHILICA.COM Article number 1199.

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5 Things You Need to Do for Effective Video Marketing

Lee Bruceunconfirmed user (Amrita University)

Published in anthro.philica.com

Ensuring PR support holds the key to effective video marketing. Learn about some other important things too that you need to take into consideration.

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Just incorporating videos into your digital marketing mix won’t work and you need to back this move with a smart strategy. Most organizations lack a strategy and they just end up uploading videos on various channels in the name of marketing.

Here are 5 most important things you need to do for effective video marketing:

1.      Set Clear Goals

Before you begin uploading videos, you need to be clear what you expect from them. Are you focusing on infusing something interesting in a particular thing? Do you want your video to get leads?

You need to set realistic goals rather than setting up objectives that you are unlikely to meet. Whenever you are uploading a video, you need to have a clear vision regarding what you want to achieve with it. Make videos that are in sync with your broader campaign strategy. You may also think of creating different versions of the same video and promoting them.

2.      Call to Action

Often, Call to Action is missing in a video. People may like a video, but they may not really know what to do after watching it.

Specify clearly in your video whether you want the audience to share, click, sign up, buy later, buy now, tell a friend, download a game or a new app, make a response video, enter a contest, subscribe to something, or get free tickets.

Rather than letting users decide on their own what they would like to do, guide them toward what you would like them to do.

3.      Find Right Video Ideas

Determine exactly what kind of video is required. Should it be branded as entertainment, product, promo, viral, explainer, or web series? In any case, it should be interesting for the end viewer. It is fine until you are not threatening or offending anyone.

Focus on giving viewers something of value. Your videos should enable them to have a laugh or earn something. There should be plausible reasons for them to share the video.

4.       Handle Production Part Well

The production part mainly depends on your creative concept. The right approach is to create a balance between quality and expenses. Businesses often make the mistake of hanging between two extremes. They may either put up videos shot with smartphones or spend a million dollars on production. The first approach ends up in substandard work and the latter results in unnecessary expenses.

Get creative videos that convey your message effectively. Production quality should match your concept requirements.

5.      Ensure PR Support

A press release featuring a video prominently may be quite helpful in drawing the attention of the target audience. Publicizing a video on your company blog and other publications will come in very handy as well. You may also collaborate with influential bloggers to promote your video.

Promotional material about a video must make the audience know why the video is relevant to them and why they should spend time viewing it.


Just putting a video on a few online channels is not enough. You need to determine why exactly you are uploading the video, whether you have enough means to get the targeted audience for it and how likely it is to help you meet your objectives. 

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