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SEO Ninjaunconfirmed user (Albion College)

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SWOT analysis is new to none of you. However in context of maximizing output from SEO strategies you have been implementing, mention of a grid can be new to many of you.

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This SWOT analysis definitely implies for streamlining your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Your target should be to put in maximum efforts in the areas that deliver results. It is quite similar to agriculture actually where you need to sow the seeds in the fertile land for expecting outstanding harvest.
Columnist Marcus Miller enlightens the path of businesses keen to get directed for the search marketing efforts. You have to start from the very basic SWOT analysis of your business as it will help you understand where you should be putting in search marketing efforts. 

When it is about SEO you seem to be standing in vacuum, simply clueless from where to start. It is often seen that people waster lots of their time, resources and more just in desire to get some return on their investment. However, this problem is not new. What happened to be the case with old marketing strategies now happens with digital tactics. Thankfully marketing planning has made simpler by some great marketing methodologies. One of the favorite of the experts is SWOT analysis. 

This article will shed light on to the details that how the old good SWOT analysis can prove to be the best to improve your SEO. 


Time proven SWOT analysis starts with encompassing four areas namely Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This is true that it is quite basic but by the time you end reading this post you will be more than convinced for its relevance in your website optimization and improving SEO results. 

It will basically tell you where exactly you stand in the ocean of SEO trends. This is a simple grid that has two rows against two columns- basically four panels you have to work on. 

While the top row comprises of strengths and weaknesses, the bottom row consists of the opportunities are threats. Major difference from business perspective is that the above row- strengths and weaknesses are internal and bottom row comes to your business from external sources. This can be understood from the difference that the top row is somewhat controllable. On the other hand the bottom row components are since part of dynamic business environment, you hardly can do anything about changing them. 

Now look at the grid vertically, the first column components, strength and opportunity should prove to be helpful in achieving your objective. The second column components, weaknesses and threats on the contrary can hinder your path to achieve the set objectives. 

SEO Perspective Of SWOT Analysis

Using a SWOT analysis for SEO would be something new and hence different for a business. For easy comprehension you can consider the following fictional business of Tom’s technology. 

An American family business set up in California has a Wordpress website and enjoys the leading position in widget industry. They serve their customers from the local store and also target a big audience online. 

The business does not show up in the local search results on internet with a local intent. Despite of the fact that some very useful, informative and interesting content is published every week, it does not get the first page ranking. Thus receiving a little web traffic is almost inevitable. On the other hand the competition which has no class of content gets its content published on the first page. 

Tom’s technology store has got some technical glitches in its SEO software. The website is not also well-optimized as it does not go beyond the home page and a few service pages. The current scenario from SEO perspective is quite daunting. There is no SEO plugin and SEO software reports duplicity of content. 

Only two commercial keywords have been identified so far for this business and this is probably why it ranks around the bottom of page 2. Two of the main competitors of Tom rank around top 5. 

Despite of the fact that Tom’s Technology store is in existence for more than 10 years the newer companies are leading ahead on the top search results. When compared with the competitors it was realized that these newer players in market have been improvising their SEO more actively. 

It will be a great idea to redraft the SWOT grid for Tom’s business to let not him any important point, before he can make a working action of plan. 


Over decade of experience and expertise in industry. 
Expert content


Dependence on primary commercial keywords. 
Not well-optimized site
Some duplicate content
No local orientation for local web searches
No conversion tracking 


Gain top five ranks for commercial search terms with the help of building links and authority. 
Improve ranking of content.
Publish useful content continuously
Build authority by building links to useful content pieces. 
Get featured snippets and people also ask results at work


Huge gap between competition and Tom. 
Newer and lesser experienced competitors are taking over organic SEO.
Gap between Tom’s technology and competitors is extending to authority. 

Corrective Action

This very simple analysis is very useful in preparing an action plan. This includes defining the key elements of the future SEO strategy for Tom’s Technology. 

The action plan should be: 

? To install SEO plugin. 
? Get the SEO software technical issues resolved.
? Working on the on-page optimization.
? Conducting local SEO campaign. 
? Build authority by devising link-building strategy.
? Publish content as usual with investment in SEO and content marketing strategy.

You can attest your SEO strategies by asking some SWOT based questions to yourselves. With SEO SWOT analysis you are no longer confused where you need to put in more efforts for better and lasting impact.

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