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Bruce, L. (2017). What Will PPC Trends Really Be Like This Year?. PHILICA.COM Article number 1186.

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What Will PPC Trends Really Be Like This Year?

Lee Bruceunconfirmed user (Amrita University)

Published in compu.philica.com

Video ads, live data and remarketing are some of the fast-evolving PPC trends that online advertisers are adopting with lightning speed. Read on to know more.

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"Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make." - William Bernbach, advertising creative director

Since the advent of digital marketing, PPC ads have never ceased to be discussed in the online advertising world. This may be attributed to PPC’s inherent ability to generate sufficient leads, traffic and sales for a business in a short duration of time. Although PPC entails a bit more advertising investment compared to the organic method, they are worth it as they usually bring instant results to ad campaigners.

Considering all these factors, let’s take a look at some of the interesting PPC-related trends that are becoming popular these days:

1. Inserting videos in PPC campaigns

Yes, you read that right. 2017 is predicted to be the year of videos. Google reportedly wants to see YouTube advancing further. One of the ways to achieve this is by integrating video campaigns and ads. Depending on your PPC budget, you can insert advertising videos in your PPC campaigns. Videos make more lasting impressions than mere written words. Online advertisers have begun to realize that ad videos connect a business with its customers in a better way. They make the engagement more interactive and personal than any other medium would. This year, we’ll witness more and more enterprises expediting the process of acquiring measurable leads and traffic through such kinds of video advertising.

2.  More live data to appear in the arena of paid ads

Expect to see more PPC live data being introduced and running alongside regular paid ads on a real-time basis. Such data will include info on product availability, product inventory, dates and times. It’s going to be one of the biggest trends in online advertising. In fact, we have been seeing this new ad feature in a handful of sites for the last few months.

3. Targeting look-alike audiences the way Facebook does with custom audience

Look-alike audience in pay per click advertising services is what social networking giant Facebook has been doing with its custom audience feature. It enables advertisers to target audience groups having shared interest based on location, behaviour and demographics. Google has recently introduced this feature whereby you can now display ads to audiences having similar interest. It is yet another fast-developing trend that promises to increase conversion rates.

4. Be ready to see more of Google AdWords Remarketing

Remarketing through a leading online advertising service like AdWords is set to get a strong boost this year. The main idea behind ad remarketing is to reestablish a connection with people who have already shown some kind of interest in your brand. These people are more likely to convert than those who have not yet made it to your website. This year, we’ll be seeing AdWords remarketing in all forms – mobile app remarketing, standard remarketing, dynamic remarketing etc.

5. Google allows text ads in expanded form

Now you’ll find PPC text ads longer and 2x (or 47%) bigger than before. Online advertisers will now enjoy the benefit of a 140-character ad copy space, which is likely to set the trend for longer, bigger and more prominent text ads in the coming days. Greater visibility of brand messages and better quality score are the greatest benefits that marketers get to enjoy this new ad format.

While the basic goal of PPC ads remains unchanged, these trends are certainly changing the rules of the game. It’s believed they will further refine one of the most commonly used online advertising techniques till date. Thus, going forward, we’ll hopefully see PPC campaigns that are more quantifiable and meaningful than they already are.

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