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The Variable Gravitational Constant G, General Relativity Theory, Elementary Particles, Quantum Mechanics, Time’s Arrow and Consciousness [Article]
Kokosar, J. (2007).

An Attempt On TOE - Part - I [Article]
Vasudevan, T. (2007).

Inside the spirit matrix: a contextualization of contemporary physics [Article]
Mohrhoff, U. (2007).

Time of day effects in drivers’ overtaking of bicycles [Article]
Walker, I. (2006).

Pilgarlic’s Albaniad: Early American Political Satire [Article]
Mitchell, E. (2006).

An Alternative Explanation of the Cosmic Background Radiation [Article]
Hannon, R. (2006).

Binary Stars and the Velocity of Light [Article]
Hannon, R. (2006).

An Exploration of Factors Influencing Level of Service Satisfaction in Eating Disordered Patients [Article]
Vince, E. & Leung, N. (2006).

Overtaking bicycles in the UK: Cars versus white light-goods vehicles [Observation]
Walker, I. (2006).

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