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Big Bang as a Fatal Mistake of Edwin Hubble. Cosmological Red-shift and Related Electromagnetic Phenomena in Static Lobachevskian (Hyperbolic) Universe. [Article]
von Brzeski, G. (2006).


Qi Men Dun Jia Analysis of the Nicole Brown Simpson - Ronald Goldman Murders [Article]
Sweeney, J. (2006).

The Hypergeometrical Universe [Article]
Pereira, M. (2006).

Mass incarceration and social surveys [Article]
Mitchell, E. (2006).

Sussangkarn, P. (2006).

Wave particle duality in the seventeenth century [Article]
Marshall, T. (2006).

Why aren’t physicists ashamed of what is claimed to be modern physics? [Article]
Mirman, R. (2006).

Making Immediate Decisions Between Mutually Exclusive Options [Article]
Walker, I. (2006).

Chinese Medical Divination [Article]
Sweeney, J. (2006).

An Attempt On TOE - Part - III [Article]
Vasudevan, T. (2006).

Pyrimidine-Pyrimidine Transition Polymorphism testing [Article]
Mitchell, M. (2006).

The Variable Gravitational Constant G, General Relativity Theory, Elementary Particles, Quantum Mechanics, Time’s Arrow and Consciousness [Article]
Kokosar, J. (2006).

Can LIGO, VIRGO, GEO600, TAMA, AIGO or LISA Detectors Really Detect? [Article]
Tatrocki, P. (2006).

On Intuitive Description of Graviton Detector [Article]
Tatrocki, P. (2006).

Is there any need to modify the human genotype? [Observation]
Tatrocki, P. (2006).

Intellectual capital [Observation]
Strayhorn, D. (2006).

Why are there 10 dimensions in string theory? [Observation]
Strayhorn, D. (2006).

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