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Works by Dr Menno R. Kamminga

Full-length Articles

The European Union and the Tradition of Normative Prudence
Kamminga, M. (2017).

Against the Beitzian consensus: why international political theory is not beyond realist skepticism
Kamminga, M. (2015).

Rawls and the European Union
Kamminga, M. (2014).

Religion and the Ethical Defense of Emissions Trading
Kamminga, M. (2013).

Structure and Sin: The Niebuhrian Roots of Waltz’s Neorealist Theory of International Politics
Kamminga, M. (2012).

Standing in the Shadows of Niebuhr: U.S. President Barack Obama and Reinhold Niebuhr’s Christian Realism
Kamminga, M. (2011).

Social Neorealism: An Etzionian ‘I&We’ Communitarian Upgrading of Waltz’s Theory of International Politics
Kamminga, M. (2010).

Etzioni’s Communitarian Realism as a Guide to Foreign Politics?
Kamminga, M. (2009).

Higher Prudence as the Supreme Virtue in International Politics
Kamminga, M. (2008).

Morality under anarchy: neorealism and the foreign aid regime
Kamminga, M. (2007).

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