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Works by Mr Martin Nicholson

Full-length Articles

Asteroid Astrometry using the Lowell Observatory Hierarchical Observation Protocol (HOP)
Nicholson, M. (2010).

Common proper-motion pairs in the UCAC3 catalogue
Nicholson, M. (2009).

The discovery of a new triple star system (MLR 647)
Nicholson, M. (2009).

A repudiation of the views on academic publication contained in vsnet-alert 11306
Nicholson, M. (2009).

Rental Scopes and Scientific Credit – a rebuttal
Nicholson, M. (2009).

Four previously unreported quasars in Leo
Nicholson, M. (2007).

A new binary system in Virgo?
Nicholson, M. (2007).

Are J0233+0105 and J0233+0106 binary star components?
Nicholson, M. (2007).

Nicholson, M. (2007).

Short Observations

A Critique of a method for Identifying Common Proper-Motion Pairs
Nicholson, M. (2009).

Remote Observing with Global Rent-A-Scope (GRAS)
Nicholson, M. (2009).

Designed to fail? - the current state of amateur double star astronomy.
Nicholson, M. (2007).

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